King Javien Conde: Biography, Parents, Age, Career, All You Should Know

King Javien Conde, known as the “Vixen King,” is the progeny of model Erica Mena and musician Raul Conde. With a lineage steeped in glamour and music, King Conde has captivated audiences through his notable parentage and appearances in the media spotlight. Erica Mena, renowned for her role as a VH1 model in Hip Hop in New York, has solidified the family’s prominence in the public eye. Together, their combined influence and charisma have propelled King Conde into the limelight, earning him recognition as a rising figure in entertainment and fashion circles.

King Javien Conde’s Early Life

Born on March 1, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, USA, King Javien Conde is commonly known as King Conde, a name synonymous with burgeoning stardom. His mother, Erica Mena, has risen to prominence as an American television personality and model, prominently showcased on popular shows like Love & Hip Hop. Meanwhile, King Conde’s father, Raul Conde, enriches the family’s artistic legacy as a video director and rapper, notably associated with Fat Joe’s esteemed Terror Squad. Growing up in the limelight, King Conde has experienced a childhood immersed in media attention, courtesy of his mother’s high profile. Within his familial circle, he shares bonds with two younger siblings, Legend Brian Samuels, and Safire Majesty Samuels, enriching their heritage with a fusion of Puerto Rican and Dominican roots.

How Old is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde, commonly referred to as King Conde, entered the world on March 1, 2007, marking his current age at 17 as of 2024. Originating from Los Angeles, California, he now calls Atlanta, Georgia, home, embracing the vibrant energy of the East Coast. King Conde takes pride in his diverse cultural background, which encompasses a rich tapestry of Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestry, shaping his identity and influencing his artistic endeavors.

King Javien Conde’s Physical Appearance

According to various sources, King Javien Conde stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, which translates to approximately 1.75 meters, while maintaining a weight of around 60 kilograms. Although specifics about his other body measurements remain undisclosed, King Conde’s physical stature reflects a balance of athleticism and poise, contributing to his charismatic presence in the public eye.

King Javien Conde’s Career

King Conde, the offspring of Erica Mena, a prominent figure in American television known for her multifaceted roles as a personality, model, and actress, notably showcased on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchise, and Raul Conde, a rapper and video director, inherits a legacy steeped in entertainment. Hailing from a background rich in Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, King Conde’s career trajectory remains somewhat enigmatic in these early stages. However, with the guidance and influence of his family’s deep roots in the entertainment industry, avenues such as acting or modeling may offer promising paths for his future endeavors, allowing him to further explore and expand upon his inherited talents and passions.

Does King Javien Conde Have Disabilities?

Amid circulating rumors and speculation regarding the possibility of King Javien Conde having a disability, notably autism, his mother, Erica Mena, has emphatically denied such claims, affirming his status as a typical and healthy child. Despite public curiosity surrounding his behavior, tangible evidence to substantiate these speculations remains elusive. Consequently, based on the information presently available, there exists no definitive confirmation regarding any disability attributed to King Javien Conde.

King Javien Conde’s Social Accounts

King Javien Conde opts for a reserved public presence, resulting in limited visibility and recognition as a public figure or celebrity. As a result, readily available information about him is scarce across various social media and online platforms. This privacy preference contributes to a relatively low profile, leaving much of his personal life shielded from public scrutiny and curiosity.

What is King Javien Conde’s Net Worth?

King Javien Conde is believed to possess an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million, a sum largely attributed to the accumulated wealth of his parents and their respective careers. Notably, King Conde’s financial standing reflects the culmination of his parents’ success and endeavors within their respective fields. While specific details regarding his financial ventures may be limited, the influence of his family’s combined prosperity underscores his position within a realm of affluence and opportunity.

King Javien Conde’s Family

King Javien Conde, commonly recognized as the “King of the Vixens,” emerges as the offspring of the esteemed Vixen model Erica Mena and music artist Raul Conde. Born on March 1, 2007, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, King Conde finds himself under the sole guardianship of his mother, Erica Mena, a versatile talent known for her prowess in modeling, television, and music, proudly embracing her rich Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage. Meanwhile, King’s father, Raul Conde, once graced the hip-hop scene as an American rapper affiliated with the renowned record label Terror Squad. Within his familial domain, King shares a bond with two younger half-siblings, Safire Samuels and Legend Brian Samuels, adding depth to the familial narrative.

Death of King Javien Conde Father

The passing of King Javien’s father, Raul Conde, marks the end of an era in the music world, where he was revered as both a rapper and a music video director. At the age of 52, Raul Conde succumbed to a prolonged illness, leaving behind a legacy that transcends his musical contributions. Widely recognized as the father of Erica Mena’s eldest son, King Javien Conde, Raul Conde’s association with the Terror Squad label in the 1980s cemented his place in hip-hop history. Although their romantic relationship was fleeting, Raul and Erica welcomed their son into the world on March 1, 2007, when Erica was just 19 years old. While the cause of Raul Conde’s demise remains undisclosed, tributes from esteemed artists and musicians like Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, French Montana, and others flooded social media platforms, honoring his impact and influence. Erica Mena also took to Instagram to mourn his loss, expressing her sorrow and gratitude for his gentle and intelligent presence as a role model for their son.


In conclusion, King Javien Conde’s life unfolds against the backdrop of both triumph and adversity, shaped by the legacies of his parents and his journey. Despite the challenges he may face, his resilience shines through, guided by the love and support of his family. As he navigates the complexities of growing up in the public eye, King Javien Conde has the opportunity to carve out his path, defining his identity and leaving his mark on the world. With a promising future ahead, he stands poised to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, building upon the foundation laid by those who came before him while forging his unique legacy.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde is the son of model Erica Mena and rapper Raul Conde. He gained attention due to his notable parents and has been referred to as the “King of the Vixens.”

2. When was King Javien Conde born?

King Javien Conde was born on March 1, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

3. What is King Javien Conde’s net worth?

King Javien Conde’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $5 million, primarily influenced by the combined wealth of his parents.

4. What is King Javien Conde known for?

King Javien Conde is known for his familial ties to the entertainment industry, particularly through his mother Erica Mena’s appearances on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchise and his father Raul Conde’s involvement in music as a rapper.

5. Does King Javien Conde have any siblings?

Yes, King Javien Conde has two younger half-siblings named Safire Samuels and Legend Brian Samuels.

6. Is King Javien Conde involved in the entertainment industry?

While details about King Javien Conde’s career pursuits are limited, given his family’s involvement in entertainment, there is speculation that he may explore avenues such as acting or modeling in the future.

7. What is the latest update on King Javien Conde?

The latest updates on King Javien Conde may include information about his personal life, family, or any recent public appearances or activities. However, given his preference for a low public profile, such updates may be limited.

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