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Dee Devlin, the long-term partner of Conor McGregor, is one such individual whose story embodies support, resilience, and a distinct sense of identity. This article delves into the life of Dee Devlin, exploring her roots, her influential role in McGregor’s career, her achievements, and her venture into the realms of fashion and business, thereby painting a comprehensive picture of a woman who is not just a partner but a formidable force in her own right.

Dee Devlin’s Early Life

Born on August 9, 1987, in Walkinstown, Dublin, Ireland, Dee Devlin’s early life was steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of Irish family values, characterized by strong familial bonds and a community-centric way of life. The decision to leave school at fifteen marked a significant turning point in her life, showcasing an early streak of independence and determination that would define her future endeavors.

This period was characterized by various job roles, from cleaning to waitressing, each of which instilled in Devlin a strong work ethic and the importance of resilience and adaptability. These formative experiences, though seemingly modest, played a crucial role in shaping Devlin’s character, imbuing her with the skills and tenacity that would later prove invaluable in her journey alongside McGregor.

Age & Physical Appearance

Dee Devlin, born on August 9, 1987, in Dublin, Ireland, is an Irish national. Her zodiac sign is Leo, reflecting her strong and determined personality. While her ethnicity is not widely publicized, she is of Irish descent, contributing to her rich cultural heritage.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) and weighing around 60 kilograms (132 pounds), Devlin maintains a balanced and healthy physique. Her stature and fitness are in harmony with her active lifestyle and the demands of her dynamic life.

Relationship with Conor McGregor

Dee Devlin’s encounter with Conor McGregor at an Irish nightclub was not just a meeting of two people but a convergence of two destinies. Their relationship, which began in 2008, evolved alongside McGregor’s burgeoning career in mixed martial arts. Dee’s unwavering support during McGregor’s early days, when the glitz of fame was yet to arrive, underscores the depth of her commitment and love.

The journey from those early days to the pinnacle of success in the UFC is a narrative filled with challenges, victories, and mutual support. Dee transitioned from a supportive girlfriend to a linchpin in McGregor’s professional life, managing his finances, overseeing his training schedules, and ensuring the smooth operation of his team. This transition is a remarkable story of growth, loyalty, and partnership.

Their family life, enriched by the arrival of their children, Conor Jr., Croia, Rian, and a newborn in 2023, adds another dimension to Dee’s life. Balancing the demands of motherhood with her role in McGregor’s career, Dee exemplifies the modern woman who can nurture a family while supporting her partner’s ambitions.

Career Journey

Dee Devlin’s career is a testament to her adaptability and strength. Her initial jobs were far from the glamour of the fashion and sports industries she later became associated with. However, her role in McGregor’s life propelled her into new realms. Managing McGregor’s finances and team, Dee became an integral part of his professional life, her behind-the-scenes work as crucial to his success as his fights in the ring.

Her foray into the world of fashion is another facet of Dee’s career. Known for her impeccable style, Dee has become a fashion icon, her presence on social media influencing many. Her recognition as the “Most Stylish Newcomer” at the VIP Peter Mark Style Awards in Dublin in 2016 is a testament to her impact on the fashion industry.

Fashion & Public Image

Dee Devlin’s influence extends into the realm of fashion, where she is recognized as an Irish-style icon. Her fashion sense, characterized by elegance and a keen eye for style, has garnered her a significant following and accolades, including the “Most Stylish Newcomer” award at the VIP Peter Mark Style Awards in Dublin. Her Instagram platform, with millions of followers, reflects her status as a fashion influencer, where she shares aspects of her life, style choices, and her journey with McGregor, offering inspiration to many.

Net Worth & Instagram

Financially, Dee Devlin has carved out significant success for herself, with an estimated net worth of $20 million. This financial achievement is attributed not only to her role in managing Conor McGregor’s affairs but also to her endeavors in fashion and modeling. Her financial acumen and business savvy have played crucial roles in her economic success, establishing her as a financially independent and successful figure in her own right.

On Instagram, under the handle @deedevlin1, Dee Devlin has amassed a following of 1.8 million. Her Instagram profile offers a blend of personal insights, fashion highlights, and glimpses into her life with McGregor, captivating a wide audience and reflecting her influence as a public figure.

Facts About Dee Devlin

  • Dee decided to leave school at the age of 15 to pursue various jobs before entering the world of fashion and business.
  • She met Conor McGregor in an Irish nightclub, marking the beginning of their long-standing relationship.
  • Devlin has been an integral part of McGregor’s career, managing his finances and supporting him through his rise in MMA.
  • She received the “Most Stylish Newcomer” award at the VIP Peter Mark Style Awards in Dublin.
  • Dee is not just a partner to McGregor but a mother to their children, balancing family life with her professional endeavors.
  • Her fashion sense and style have made her a notable figure on social media, particularly on Instagram.
  • Devlin’s net worth of $20 million signifies her success beyond her association with McGregor.
  • She has been with McGregor since before his UFC fame, demonstrating her loyalty and commitment.
  • Dee is known for her privacy, maintaining a low profile despite her high-profile partnership.
  • Her role in McGregor’s life goes beyond the personal; she is often seen at his fights, showing her support and solidarity.


Dee Devlin’s story is a compelling narrative of partnership, individuality, and influence. Her journey with Conor McGregor, coupled with her achievements and her role as a fashion icon, showcases her as a multifaceted individual who has made significant contributions to their collective success. Her life story, characterized by determination, resilience, and a strong sense of identity, offers inspiration and a deeper understanding of the woman who plays a crucial role as one of the most recognized figures in mixed martial arts.


Q: How did Dee Devlin meet Conor McGregor?
A: Dee Devlin met Conor McGregor in an Irish nightclub, where they connected and began their relationship.

Q: What is Dee Devlin’s role in Conor McGregor’s career?
A: Dee Devlin has played a crucial role in McGregor’s career, managing his finances and providing consistent support throughout his rise in the MMA world.

Q: What awards has Dee Devlin won?
A: Dee Devlin won the “Most Stylish Newcomer” award at the VIP Peter Mark Style Awards in Dublin.

Q: How many followers does Dee Devlin have on Instagram?
A: Dee Devlin has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, where she shares aspects of her life, fashion, and family.

Q: What is Dee Devlin’s net worth?
A: Dee Devlin’s estimated net worth is $20 million, reflecting her financial success and independence.

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