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Jamil Hardwick, an American TV and film producer, talent manager, and entrepreneur, shares a familial bond with his well-known brother, actor Omari Hardwick. While Omari has garnered fame for his acting prowess, Jamil has forged his path behind the scenes and in the business realm. Both brothers have attained success within their respective domains. This article delves into Jamil’s formative years, his dynamic with his esteemed brother, glimpses into their parental influences, his professional trajectory, accumulated net worth, and more, painting a comprehensive picture of his multifaceted journey.

Jamil Hardwick’s Early Life

Born on October 15, 1979, in Decatur, Georgia, Jamil Hardwick is the son of Clifford Hardwick III and his wife, Joyce. Growing up in the company of his brothers Malik and Omari Hardwick, as well as his sister Shani Hardwick, Jamil, despite being the younger sibling, holds an age advantage over his sister. The familial bond among the Hardwick siblings is palpable, often showcased through their displays of affection on social media platforms. Notably, Jamil and his elder brother Omari share strikingly similar facial features, prompting occasional confusion among observers who mistake them for twins.

Jamil Hardwick’s Career

Jamil Hardwick’s professional journey encompasses diverse realms, spanning TV and film production, entrepreneurship, and fitness. Notably, he played a pivotal role as a producer on the acclaimed TV series “Power,” which prominently featured his older brother, Omari Hardwick. Beyond his contributions to television, Jamil is also the proud proprietor of the esteemed Beverly Hills gym and fitness studio, “Health House,” where he additionally holds a board position. Demonstrating a commitment to community empowerment, Jamil has also been actively engaged with the athletic wear brand, “Actively Black,” which seeks to uplift and reinvest in the Black community through its proceeds and promotional efforts. His multifaceted business ventures underscore both his creative acumen and his dedication to fostering positive social impact.

How Old is Jamil Hardwick?

Jamil, born on October 15, 1979, currently celebrates 44 trips around the sun, marked by his astrological alignment with the sign of Libra. Hailing from the United States, he proudly identifies with his American nationality and shares roots in the African American ethnic heritage. This combination of personal traits and background adds layers to his identity, shaping his experiences and perspectives as he navigates his multifaceted professional and personal endeavors.

Jamil Hardwick’s Education

While details regarding Jamil Hardwick’s elementary and high school education remain undisclosed, it is known that he pursued higher education at the University of Georgia from 2000 to 2005, supported by an athletic scholarship. During his tenure at the university, he displayed a strong commitment to academic excellence, ultimately earning a Bachelor’s Degree with honors. Notably, Jamil’s academic prowess earned him a coveted spot on the dean’s list, showcasing his dedication to scholarly pursuits alongside his athletic endeavors.

What is Jamil Hardwick’s Net Worth?

Jamil Hardwick boasts a net worth approximating $3 million, reflecting his successful ventures in TV and film production, entrepreneurship, and fitness. In comparison, his esteemed brother, actor Omari Hardwick, commands an estimated net worth of $5 million, primarily amassed through his prolific acting career. Despite the variance in their financial standings, both brothers have achieved commendable success in their respective fields, illustrating their contributions to the entertainment industry and beyond.

Who is Omari Hardwick?

Omari Hardwick, born on January 9, 1974, has established himself as a highly acclaimed American actor, celebrated for his captivating performances across both television and film. He garnered widespread recognition for his compelling portrayal in the Starz hit series “Power” and his standout role in Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead.” Hardwick’s acting journey commenced with notable appearances in projects like “Sucker Free City,” expanding to include acclaimed films such as “Kick-Ass” and “Sorry to Bother You.” His versatility shines through in a diverse array of television roles in series like “Being Mary Jane,” “Dark Blue,” and “Saved,” underscoring his status as a versatile and accomplished actor capable of delivering nuanced performances across various genres and platforms.

Jamil & Omari Hardwick Relationship

While sharing a striking resemblance, Jamil and Omari Hardwick are not twins, with Omari born on January 9, 1974, and Jamil on October 16, albeit in different years. Their proximity in birth years during the ’70s contributes to the misconception. Renowned for their strong family values, both brothers openly express affection for their spouses, children, and siblings. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize spending quality time together, often bonding over mutual interests such as fitness. Residing in Los Angeles, they maintain their close connection through regular meetings, further solidifying their deep bond. Tragically, Jamil has also experienced the loss of two siblings, Malik and Shani, adding layers of complexity to their familial dynamics.

Jamil Hardwicks’ Siblings

Jamil Hardwick, recognized for his contributions to TV and film production, has three siblings, including his sister Shani Hardwick, known for maintaining a private and understated presence. Jamil’s brother, Omari Hardwick, is acclaimed for his versatile performances in both film and television. Jamil openly expresses deep affection and admiration for Shani, highlighting the strong sibling bond they share through celebratory posts dedicated to her birthday and National Siblings’ Day. In these heartfelt tributes, Jamil underscores Shani’s admirable qualities as a diligent worker, devoted spouse, and nurturing mother. While information about Omari’s other siblings remains limited, these glimpses into their family life underscore the importance of familial connections for the Hardwick siblings, emphasizing their close-knit dynamic and mutual support.

Jamil Hardwick’s Wife: Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary

Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary is a seasoned professional in the sales and retail industry, currently holding the role of Manager of Retail Sales Training and Special Events at First Aid Beauty. With a career trajectory marked by notable achievements, Tasha initially joined First Aid Beauty in 2018 as the Southwest Regional Director of Sales, bringing with her valuable expertise garnered from her tenure at “Bare Escentuals,” where she served as a regional manager for over three years. Her impressive portfolio and adeptness in sales management continue to fuel her success in the field. In addition to her professional endeavors, Tasha is also known as the beloved wife of Jamil Hardwick, with the couple celebrating their marriage since July 2010. Their deep bond is evident on Jamil’s Instagram, where he frequently expresses admiration for Tasha in his captions, showcasing their unwavering love and commitment. Symbolizing their profound connection, Jamil and Tasha proudly display matching tattoos of the infinity sign, serving as a tangible testament to their enduring affection and unity.

Jamil Hardwick’s Children

Hardwick and Tasha Gary joyfully welcomed their son, Hart Dylan Hardwick, into the world on July 5, 2014, marking the beginning of a journey filled with love and shared experiences. Demonstrating a hands-on approach to fatherhood, Hardwick actively engages in every facet of his son’s life, as evidenced by his heartfelt Instagram posts exuding profound love and adoration for Hart. Frequently spotted cheering on Hart at basketball and football games, Hardwick’s supportive presence has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on his son, who, at the age of 9, has already achieved victories on the basketball court. Currently, the close-knit family of three resides in California, cherishing each moment spent together and nurturing their bond as they navigate life’s adventures as a unit.


In conclusion, the journey of Jamil Hardwick and his family exemplifies the power of love, dedication, and unity. From his successful career in TV and film production to his cherished role as a husband and father, Jamil embodies resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment. Alongside his accomplished wife, Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary, and their son, Hart Dylan Hardwick, they navigate life’s challenges and triumphs with grace and determination, fostering a close-knit family dynamic rooted in love and support. Their story serves as a testament to the profound impact of familial bonds, reminding us of the importance of cherishing moments, nurturing relationships, and embracing the journey together, every step of the way.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Jamil Hardwick? Jamil Hardwick is an American TV and film producer, talent manager, and entrepreneur known for his contributions behind the camera and in the business field.

2. What is Jamil Hardwick’s relationship with his brother Omari Hardwick? Jamil Hardwick is the brother of famous actor Omari Hardwick. While Omari is known for his acting career, Jamil has carved his niche behind the camera and in the business world. Both brothers have found success in their respective fields.

3. What are some highlights of Jamil Hardwick’s career? Jamil Hardwick has served as a producer on the hit TV show “Power,” which starred his older brother, Omari Hardwick. Additionally, he is the proud owner of the Beverly Hills gym and fitness studio, “Health House,” and has been involved in the athletic wear brand “Actively Black,” which aims to empower the Black community.

4. When was Jamil Hardwick born? Jamil Hardwick was born on October 15, 1979, in Decatur, Georgia.

5. What is Jamil Hardwick’s net worth? Jamil Hardwick’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, reflecting his successful ventures in TV and film production, entrepreneurship, and fitness.

6. Who is Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary, and how is she related to Jamil Hardwick? Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary is Jamil Hardwick’s wife. She is an accomplished professional in the sales and retail industry, currently holding the position of Manager of Retail Sales Training and Special Events at First Aid Beauty.

7. When was Hart Dylan Hardwick born, and who are his parents? Hart Dylan Hardwick, the son of Jamil Hardwick and Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary, was born on July 5, 2014.

8. Where does the Hardwick family reside? The close-knit family of Jamil Hardwick, Tasha D’Arensbourg Gary, and their son Hart resides in California.


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