What is TextNow?: Access, Benefits, Features, Alternatives, Safety, Reviews, All You Should Know

TextNow stands as a prominent player in the realm of communication technologies, catering to the innate human desire for connection and interaction. Through its innovative products and services, TextNow enables individuals to stay connected with their loved ones, friends, and family. With a comprehensive understanding of its workings, benefits, user reviews, and pricing plans, readers can gain insights into the diverse offerings of TextNow. From its seamless functionality to its affordable pricing structures, TextNow emerges as a reliable option for those seeking efficient communication solutions. With thousands of companies vying for attention in this competitive landscape, TextNow distinguishes itself by prioritizing user experience and delivering on its promise of connectivity.

What is TextNow?

TextNow stands out as a noteworthy free phone service and mobile data provider, offering complimentary calling and texting features to users with compatible devices. Particularly beneficial for mobile app development services companies, TextNow serves as a valuable resource for understanding audience demographics through its mobile data provision. Accessing TextNow services is effortless; users need only download the TextNow app and procure a TextNow SIM card for their devices. Moreover, by integrating a TextNow SIM card into an unlocked phone, individuals gain access to the expansive 5G/4G network spanning the United States. While TextNow shares similarities with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, its distinctive feature lies in its capability to function with or without WiFi—a rarity among messaging platforms. This versatility ensures uninterrupted communication even in areas with limited WiFi coverage or during travels, as users seamlessly transition to TextNow’s nationwide mobile network coverage throughout the United States.

What Can TextNow Be Utilized For?

TextNow serves as a versatile platform for making phone calls and sending messages at budget-friendly rates, offering two convenient access options: through the TextNow app or by utilizing a TextNow SIM card with an unlocked Android or Apple device. With TextNow’s phone services, users can effortlessly stay connected with customers, friends, and family across the United States and Canada, all without the burden of monthly fees as calling and texting are included for free even with the basic plan. Additional services are available as optional add-ons, ensuring flexibility for users to tailor their experience according to their needs. Subscribers enjoy the freedom to make unlimited voice calls and send unlimited texts once they’ve subscribed to TextNow’s services, providing a seamless and cost-effective communication solution.

How Does TextNow Work?

TextNow facilitates free calls and messaging through the internet or mobile data, offering two accessible avenues: via its mobile application or through a SIM card. Notably, users can retain their existing phone numbers when opting for TextNow’s services, eliminating the need to acquire a new one alongside the SIM card. Moreover, TextNow provides the option to purchase premium numbers, which are more memorable and appealing, particularly beneficial for businesses. Signing up for TextNow can be seamlessly done directly from a web browser using the chosen number. In situations where WiFi connectivity is poor or unavailable, users can rely on TextNow’s SIM card to access phone services, leveraging its extensive 5G/4G network coverage across the United States. The company sustains its free service model by incorporating advertisements within its app, sparing users the burden of monthly phone bills.

TextNow Features

 Free calling and texting: TextNow offers complimentary calling and texting services, allowing users to stay connected without incurring additional costs.

TextNow app: Users can access TextNow’s services through its user-friendly mobile application, available for both Android and iOS devices.

TextNow SIM card: With a TextNow SIM card, users can access TextNow’s services on their unlocked Android or Apple phones, providing flexibility in connectivity.

Nationwide coverage: TextNow provides access to the largest 5G/4G network in the United States, ensuring reliable coverage across the country.

WiFi compatibility: TextNow can be used with or without WiFi, offering seamless communication in various environments.

Customizable plans: TextNow offers customizable plans with optional add-ons, allowing users to tailor their services according to their specific needs.

Unlimited calls and texts: Subscribers enjoy unlimited voice calls and text messaging, providing freedom and flexibility in communication.

Dedicated phone number: TextNow assigns users a dedicated phone number, enabling them to communicate anonymously and safeguard their privacy.

Cross-platform integration: TextNow seamlessly integrates with both Android and iOS devices, providing a consistent user experience across platforms.

Responsive customer support: TextNow offers responsive customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter, ensuring a positive user experience.

Benefits of Using TextNow

Cost-effectiveness: TextNow offers free calling and texting services, minimizing communication expenses for users.

Flexibility: Users can access TextNow services through the app or by using a TextNow SIM card, providing convenience and options for different preferences.

Nationwide coverage: With access to the United States’ largest 5G/4G network, TextNow ensures reliable connectivity across the country.

No monthly fees: TextNow eliminates the burden of monthly subscription fees, allowing users to communicate freely without worrying about recurring charges.

Unlimited calls and texts: Subscribers enjoy the freedom to make unlimited voice calls and send unlimited texts, enhancing communication capabilities.

Add-on services: TextNow offers optional add-on services for users to customize their experience according to their specific needs.

WiFi independence: Unlike many messaging apps, TextNow can be used with or without WiFi, ensuring seamless communication in any environment.

Seamless integration: TextNow seamlessly integrates with both Android and Apple devices, providing a consistent user experience across platforms.

Enhanced privacy: TextNow allows users to communicate anonymously with a dedicated phone number, safeguarding their privacy.

Customer support: TextNow provides responsive customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter, ensuring a positive user experience.

Making International Calls with TextNow

To initiate international calls using TextNow, adhere to the following steps:

  • Begin by accessing the dialer page, where you’ll find ‘Canada & USA’ displayed in the top right corner as the default setting. Note that calls to these countries are complimentary. However, you have the option to switch countries via the drop-down menu.
  • Upon selecting a different country, its name will replace ‘Canada & USA’ in the top right corner. Additionally, the ‘Free’ tag beneath will be substituted with the call charges specific to that country. For instance, choosing Belgium will display ¢8.6/Minute.
  • Once your desired country is selected, proceed by dialing the phone number for Belgium that you wish to connect to.

That’s the process. Nonetheless, should your account lack adequate balance, any attempted calls will be unsuccessful, accompanied by a warning notification.

Is TextNow Compatible with My PC?

TextNow offers a user-friendly web application compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, providing convenient message management directly from your desktop computer. With automatic synchronization of text messages, users can rest assured that no important conversations will be lost. Additionally, the platform allows for seamless switching between composing messages on your computer and mobile devices, including iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices. Notably, TextNow extends its communication capabilities to include free video calls, enabling users to stay connected with friends regardless of distance or lockdowns. This comprehensive suite of features, including text messaging, mobile calling, and video calling, enhances the platform’s utility and appeal for users seeking versatile communication solutions.

How Is TextNow Free?

TextNow operates on the model of offering its services for free to users, with the monetization strategy revolving around the display of advertisements within the platform. While users enjoy the benefit of accessing TextNow’s features without any direct cost, they do so with the understanding that they are essentially trading their attention to advertisements as a form of payment. This trade-off is widely accepted by millions of users who have embraced the app’s functionality. However, for those who prefer an ad-free experience, TextNow provides alternative plans and mobile data packages. Leveraging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, TextNow enables users to make free calls and send texts over its nationwide network, requiring only a stable Wi-Fi or internet connection for access. This approach allows users the flexibility to choose the option that best aligns with their preferences and priorities regarding ad exposure and service features.

Is TextNow Safe For Kids?

While TextNow is generally considered safe for older kids and teenagers, it’s crucial to recognize that there are caveats and concerns, particularly regarding internet access and communication, which can be challenging for parents with young children. Personally, as a parent of two boys under the age of five, I am cautious and do not permit them access to cell phones. However, for older kids and teens, TextNow can be a suitable option. Teens within the household could utilize an old phone with the free TextNow service installed, offering free calls and texts while limiting internet access. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that TextNow is not recommended for school-aged children, as it falls within SmartSocial’s Red Zone, indicating potential safety issues without adult supervision. Instances of predators targeting young users have been reported, underscoring the need for vigilance regarding privacy policies, terms of use, and the support available when using TextNow for kids.

How to Download TextNow?

Getting the TextNow app is hassle-free and cost-effective; simply head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download it at no charge. Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to swiftly set up your free private phone number or line. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to start making free calls. For those interested in exploring TextNow’s data plans and affordable cell phone options, can easily find them on the platform. TextNow offers budget-friendly solutions for those seeking reliable communication devices.

TextNow Reviews & Customer Feedback

For prospective TextNow users seeking feedback before making a decision, the research across top mobile app and software review platforms reveals overwhelmingly positive sentiments. On the Google Play Store, TextNow boasts an impressive 1,159,000 votes with an average rating of 4.4/5 stars, highlighting praise for its features, phone service, affordability, and user-friendly interface. Similarly, on the Apple Store, TextNow garners 531,970 votes with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, indicating widespread satisfaction among iOS users as well. Reviews on both platforms emphasize the app’s reasonable pricing plans, free texting, and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, on AppGrooves, a popular mobile app review website, TextNow receives over 1,854,192 votes with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, with positive feedback highlighting the unlimited talk time, free calling and texting features, and low-cost plans. Overall, TextNow is highly regarded for its usability, reliability, and affordability across various review platforms, although conducting individual research is recommended before making a final decision.

Is TextNow Safe to Use?

While TextNow is considered safe for adult usage, teens or students should utilize the platform under adult supervision. The app offers a secure environment for adult users to communicate effectively. However, due to potential safety concerns and the need for guidance regarding online interactions, it’s recommended that teens or students exercise caution and have adult oversight while using TextNow. This approach ensures that younger users can enjoy the benefits of the platform while navigating potential risks with guidance and support from responsible adults.

Is TextNow Legal?

Indeed, TextNow is a fully legal application that provides users with the capability to make free calls or engage in unlimited voice calls to both the United States and Canada. The platform’s legitimacy is affirmed by TextNow reviews across various popular platforms, further bolstering its credibility and trustworthiness among users. With its robust features and seamless functionality, TextNow stands as a reputable and lawful option for individuals seeking cost-effective and reliable communication solutions within North America.

TextNow Alternatives
BOSS Revolution
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Ninja Number


In conclusion, TextNow emerges as a versatile and reliable communication platform offering a range of features and services tailored to meet the needs of users across different demographics. With its free calling and messaging capabilities, alongside options for affordable data plans and device offerings, TextNow provides accessible communication solutions for individuals and businesses alike. The overwhelmingly positive reviews and widespread acclaim from users underscore TextNow’s legitimacy, safety, and efficacy as a communication tool. However, parents need to exercise caution and supervision when allowing younger users, such as teens or students, to utilize the platform. Overall, TextNow’s commitment to providing accessible and reliable communication services, coupled with its legal standing and positive user feedback, solidifies its position as a leading choice in the realm of mobile communication applications.

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