Who is Andrew Santino Wife?: Everything to Know About Danielle Brooks

Andrew Santino, a prominent American actor, comedian, podcaster, and TV personality, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape, notably through his role in the hit show “Dave.” In 2019, he tied the knot with Danielle Brooks, a multifaceted actress and singer well-versed in the entertainment sphere. Despite her spouse’s widespread fame, Brooks opts to maintain a veil of privacy over her personal life, sparking curiosity among fans. This article delves into Brooks’ formative years, her professional journey, her union with Andrew Santino, and the rationale behind her choice to shroud her life from public scrutiny.

Danielle Brooks’s Early Life

Born on September 17, 1989, in Georgia, USA, Danielle Brooks spent her formative years in Greenville, South Carolina, amidst a deeply religious family background. Raised in a household where her father served as a deacon and her mother as a minister, Brooks found herself drawn to the world of acting at the tender age of six when she first participated in a church play. While details about her early life remain somewhat elusive, the profound influence of her family and her experiences within the church undoubtedly shaped her identity. These foundational experiences not only nurtured her talents but also paved the way for her remarkable ascent in the entertainment industry.

Danielle Brooks’s Career

Throughout her illustrious career, Danielle Brooks has experienced numerous standout moments that have solidified her status as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She skyrocketed to fame with her portrayal of ‘Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson’ in the acclaimed Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” garnering accolades such as the Young Hollywood Award for her breakthrough performance. Beyond the realm of television, Brooks showcased her exceptional talents on Broadway, notably in productions like “The Color Purple,” where her stellar performance earned her a Tony Award nomination. Venturing into the realm of film, she exhibited her versatility with roles in movies such as “The Angry Birds Movie” and “I Dream Too Much.” Danielle Brooks’ remarkable achievements across various mediums underscore her undeniable talent and versatility as an actress.

Danielle Brooks’s Physical Appearance

Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighing 73 kg (165 lbs), Danielle Brooks possesses a captivating presence complemented by her striking physique. Her body measurements are recorded at 42-33-44 inches (107-84-112 cm), accentuating her curvaceous figure. With a bra size of 42B and a shoe size of 7.5, Brooks exudes confidence and charisma both on and off-screen. These physical attributes contribute to her allure and add to her remarkable versatility as an actress in the entertainment industry.

Danielle Brooks’s Family Background

Born on September 17, 1989, in Augusta, Georgia, USA, Danielle Brooks hails from a devout Christian household, where her father, Tunnel Brooks, dutifully served as a deacon, and her mother, LaRita Brooks, juggled roles as an elementary school teacher and student development assistant director at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Alongside her supportive parents, Danielle grew up with her younger brother, Donnie Brooks, who shared in the family’s unwavering encouragement of her acting aspirations. Their collective support has been a driving force behind Danielle’s pursuit of her dreams in the entertainment industry.

Danielle Brooks’s Education

Embarking on her educational journey, Danielle Brooks balanced her academic pursuits with a burgeoning passion for acting. Following her completion of early education, she pursued a degree in Fine Arts at Arizona State University, a period of her life somewhat shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, this experience catalyzed honing her artistic talents. Armed with her degree, Danielle seamlessly melded her academic knowledge with her fervor for acting, marking the inception of her illustrious career in the realm of entertainment.

Danielle Brooks’s Private Life

Despite her soaring success in showbiz, Danielle Brooks maintains a steadfast commitment to guarding her personal life from the public eye, particularly her marriage to comedian and actor Andrew Santino. In contrast to the social media oversharing often seen among celebrities, Danielle opts for a more reserved approach, preferring to keep her private affairs out of the limelight. This deliberate choice allows her to bask in her fame on her terms while preserving an air of mystery surrounding her life off-screen.

What is Danielle Brooks’s Net Worth?

With a flourishing career in entertainment, Danielle Brooks has amassed considerable wealth, although the precise extent of her net worth remains undisclosed. Estimates suggest her financial standing falls within the range of $1 million to $2 million, a testament to her accomplishments in the industry. Despite the ambiguity surrounding her exact earnings, it’s evident that Danielle’s success has translated into financial stability, reflecting her prominence and influence within the realm of show business.

Meet Andrew Santino (Danielle Brooks Husband)

Andrew Santino, a renowned American comedian, actor, and podcaster, entered the world on October 16, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois. With over a decade entrenched in the acting scene, he has left an indelible mark through his roles in notable productions such as “Sin City Saints,” “The Disaster Artist,” and “Mixology,” earning acclaim, particularly for his performance in “Dave.” Raised in the River North neighborhood of Chicago amidst familial challenges stemming from his father’s departure, Andrew was raised by his mother, navigating a blend of Italian and Irish heritage. Later, he pursued his education at Arizona State University. Launching his career by both writing and starring in MTV’s “Punk’d,” Andrew swiftly transitioned into a diverse array of film and television projects. Additionally, he garners attention for his podcast, “The Whiskey Ginger Podcast,” which further enriches his multifaceted career.

Andrew Santino & Danielle Brooks Marriage

The unexpected union of Danielle Brooks and Andrew Santino in 2019 took many by surprise, as the couple had managed to keep their relationship under wraps for an extended period. Despite Andrew’s prominence as a comedian and actor, he maintained a desire to safeguard the details of his wife, Danielle. The revelation of their engagement followed the joyous arrival of their daughter, Freya, marking a significant chapter in their lives that had been intentionally kept private. This decision to share their milestones on their terms reflects the couple’s commitment to maintaining a level of discretion in the public eye.

Danielle & Andrew’s Path to Parenthood

Embarking on their journey into parenthood, Danielle Brooks and Andrew Santino joyously welcomed their daughter, Freya Carel Jeline, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. After maintaining a private relationship for some time, the couple publicly announced Danielle’s pregnancy via Instagram in July 2019, a milestone that prompted them to exchange vows before Freya’s birth, transforming their intimate love story into a heartfelt venture into family life. The arrival of Freya brought an abundance of happiness, with the couple generously sharing tender moments and parental experiences on social media, showcasing their deep affection for their precious bundle of joy.


In conclusion, Danielle Brooks stands as a testament to resilience, talent, and grace within the entertainment industry. From her humble beginnings in Augusta, Georgia, to her meteoric rise to fame, Danielle has captivated audiences with her exceptional acting prowess and unwavering dedication to her craft. Beyond her on-screen achievements, she exemplifies strength and authenticity, navigating the complexities of fame while fiercely protecting her privacy and personal life. With each role she undertakes and every barrier she breaks, Danielle Brooks continues to inspire and empower, leaving an indelible mark on both the stage and screen.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Danielle Brooks? Danielle Brooks is an American actress known for her roles in television, film, and theater. She gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.”

When and where was Danielle Brooks born? Danielle Brooks was born on September 17, 1989, in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

What is Danielle Brooks’ net worth? While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, Danielle Brooks’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million.

Is Danielle Brooks married? Danielle Brooks surprised fans when she married comedian and actor Andrew Santino in 2019. They had kept their relationship private for some time.

Does Danielle Brooks have children? Yes, Danielle Brooks and Andrew Santino welcomed their daughter, Freya Carel Jeline, into the world. They happily announced Danielle’s pregnancy in July 2019.

What are some of Danielle Brooks’ notable roles? Apart from her acclaimed portrayal of Taystee in “Orange Is the New Black,” Danielle Brooks has appeared in productions such as “The Color Purple” on Broadway and the film “Clemency.”

Is Danielle Brooks active on social media? Yes, Danielle Brooks shares moments from her life and career on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She often posts about her family, work, and advocacy efforts.

What other projects is Danielle Brooks involved in? In addition to her acting career, Danielle Brooks is passionate about advocacy and using her platform to promote diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. She also engages in philanthropic endeavors.

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