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Taryn Hatcher, a prominent figure in sports journalism, news program anchoring, and social media influence, has solidified her presence within the sports entertainment sphere. As a dedicated journalist at NBC Philadelphia, she has cultivated a loyal following exceeding 50,000 fans. Specializing in coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, and Philadelphia Phillies, Hatcher delivers insightful and engaging content to her audience, establishing herself as a trusted source for sports news and analysis within the Philadelphia community and beyond.

Taryn Hatcher’s Early Life

Taryn Hatcher, hailing from the heart of New Jersey, was born on December 24, 1992, and spent her formative years in Delran. Raised in a household where both academics and athletics were paramount, she inherited a passion for both from her family lineage; her father, Jeff, was a basketball player, while her grandfather excelled in football. Beginning her educational journey at a local preschool foundation program in Delran, Taryn later matriculated at Delran High School, graduating in 2011. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at Rutgers University from 2011 to 2014, where she majored in Political Science and Government. Alongside her primary studies, Taryn delved into journalism and mass media, reflecting her early fascination with communication and storytelling. Actively engaged in her academic pursuits, she further honed her skills as a sports reporter for WRSU Rutgers Radio, showcasing her multifaceted talents and setting the stage for her future endeavors in the world of journalism.

Taryn Hatcher’s Physical Appearance

Taryn exudes elegance with her striking presence, standing tall at 5’10” and maintaining a weight of around 62 kg. Her alluring figure, boasting measurements of 35-28-36, harmonizes seamlessly with her captivating persona, perfectly complemented by her size 6 shoes. Radiating both charm and professionalism, she captivates attention with her flowing dark brown locks and enchanting brown eyes, further enhancing her charismatic allure.

How Old is Taryn Hatcher?

Taryn Hatcher, a rising star in sports journalism, hails from the United States, proudly representing her American nationality. Born on December 24, 1992, under the sign of Capricorn, she brings a blend of determination, ambition, and practicality to her endeavors, embodying the traits associated with her zodiac sign.

Taryn Hatcher’s Career

Taryn Hatcher, a dynamic writer and anchor, has solidified her position in the realm of sports journalism, notably with NBC in Philadelphia. Renowned for her role as a sideline reporter for NCAA basketball and her significant contributions as a reporter and host for NBC Sports Philadelphia, Taryn’s journey into journalism began at the age of 10, fueled by her passion for sports nurtured by shared moments watching NCAA basketball with her father. After starting her professional career as a social media manager at iHeartMedia in 2013, she swiftly transitioned to pivotal internships at Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia before landing roles at RVision and later Hawaii News Now, showcasing her multifaceted talents as a sports broadcaster and producer. Recognized for her potential, Taryn’s career ascended with freelance roles at the Big Ten Network, covering NCAA basketball and BTN Plus, before ultimately joining Philadelphia Sports in 2018 as a multi-platform reporter and host. Her expertise and engaging personality have made her an integral part of NBC Philadelphia’s sports coverage, captivating audiences with her astute analysis and compelling storytelling. Taryn Hatcher’s remarkable professional journey exemplifies her unwavering dedication to sports reporting, serving as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and broadcasters, and solidifying her status as a respected figure in the industry.

Taryn Hatcher’s Family

Taryn Hatcher was born into a loving family to parents Hacher and Connie D’Angelo, surrounded by warmth and support from an early age. Her mother, Connie, holds a deep affection for animals and proudly cares for a dog named Giuseppe and a cat named Hobbes. Taryn shares her upbringing with an elder brother, Kyle, a distinguished helicopter pilot serving in the United States Navy and an alum of the Naval Academy, who earned recognition from President Obama for his commendable service. Adding to her familial bonds, Taryn also embraces her stepsister, Bianca Maj Behar, enriching her life with an extended network of love and companionship, as evidenced on her Facebook page under the moniker “Taryn Hatcher.”

Taryn Hatcher’s Personal Life

Recent sightings suggest that Taryn Hatcher and Austen Freeborn are indeed romantically involved, marking a new chapter in their lives. Austen, a former auditor at Bank of America, has found companionship with Taryn, and their relationship appears to be flourishing. Taryn often showcases their bond on social media, sharing glimpses of their moments, particularly during special occasions and holidays, offering a window into their shared journey.

What is Taryn Hatcher’s Net Worth?

The estimation of a celebrity’s net worth is often a topic of curiosity and speculation, shaping perceptions of their financial success. Taryn Hatcher, primarily known for her work in journalism, reportedly earns between $30,000 to $90,000 annually, with her income primarily stemming from her career in journalism and sports reporting. Sources suggest her net worth falls within the range of $100,000 to $500,000, with her annual salary reflecting her dedication and expertise in her field. While exact figures vary, an estimated total net worth, including assets, is believed to be around $1.5 million. Taryn Hatcher’s financial standing underscores her achievements and contributions to her profession, reflecting her commitment and passion for journalism. As for my personal opinion, while I don’t have preferences or favorites, I admire Taryn Hatcher’s dedication and professionalism in her role as a journalist and reporter, which undoubtedly resonates with her audience and contributes to her success in the industry.


In conclusion, Taryn Hatcher’s journey in the realm of journalism and sports reporting exemplifies a blend of passion, dedication, and talent. From her formative years, marked by a strong familial foundation and early aspirations, to her professional endeavors characterized by resilience and growth, Taryn has carved a significant path in her chosen field. Her contributions to NBC Philadelphia and NBC Sports Philadelphia, along with her engaging presence on social media, have solidified her reputation as a respected figure in the industry. Beyond her professional achievements, Taryn’s personal life and interests, including her relationship with Austen Freeborn and her advocacy for animal welfare, add depth to her public persona. As she continues to evolve in her career and make meaningful contributions to the world of journalism, Taryn Hatcher stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring journalists and reporters, embodying the values of integrity, professionalism, and authenticity.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Taryn Hatcher?

Taryn Hatcher is a prominent sports journalist and news program anchor, known for her work with NBC Philadelphia. She covers news primarily related to the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, and Philadelphia Phillies.

Where is Taryn Hatcher from?

Taryn Hatcher is from Delran, New Jersey, United States.

What is Taryn Hatcher’s educational background?

Taryn Hatcher attended Delran High School and graduated in 2011. She then pursued a degree in Political Science and Government at Rutgers University from 2011 to 2014, where she also studied journalism and mass media.

What are Taryn Hatcher’s interests outside of journalism?

Taryn Hatcher is known for her passion for sports, particularly NCAA basketball, which she developed from a young age. Additionally, she is reported to be an advocate for animal welfare, as evidenced by her mother’s ownership of a dog and a cat.

Is Taryn Hatcher in a relationship?

Yes, Taryn Hatcher is reported to be in a romantic relationship with Austen Freeborn, a former auditor at Bank of America.

What is Taryn Hatcher’s net worth?

Taryn Hatcher’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $500,000, with an annual salary ranging from $30,000 to $90,000. However, estimates suggest her total net worth, including assets, could be around $1.5 million.

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