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Seung Yong Chung, a notable figure in entertainment marketing and the current co-founder and CEO of Cashmere Agency, gained recognition as the former spouse of Diane Farr, a prominent American actress, producer, and writer. The couple, who exchanged vows in 2006, embarked on a journey that spanned approximately 14 years, during which they welcomed three children. The details surrounding their divorce remain undisclosed officially, but in 2020, Diane publicly acknowledged Seung as her ex-husband, confirming the conclusion of their marital relationship. Seung Yong Chung’s impactful contributions to the entertainment world, coupled with his role at Cashmere Agency, solidify his standing in the industry.

Quick Facts About Seung Yong Chung

Full name Seung Yong Chung
Date of Birth 1970
Famous as Diane Farr’s ex-husband
Gender Male
Place of Birth South Korea
Ethnicity Asian
Age 54 years as of 2024
Profession  Businessman, Marketing Executive
Religion Christianity
Father Young Ja Chung
Mother Tae wha Chung
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Height  5’7
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife Diane Farr
Net worth $19.8 million

Early Life

Seung Yong Chung’s early life involved a significant relocation experience when, at the age of two, he accompanied his parents as they moved to the United States. Proudly embracing his Korean heritage, Chung demonstrated a strong commitment to education throughout his academic journey. He completed his high school education at Gaithersburg High School before furthering his studies at Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. Subsequently, he continued his educational pursuits at George Washington University, where he expanded his knowledge and became a well-rounded individual.

Professional Career

Seung Yong Chung has carved out a distinguished career in the realm of entertainment marketing, currently holding the dual roles of co-founder and CEO at Cashmere Agency, a position he has held since February 2003. With a professional journey spanning over two decades, Chung has been instrumental in driving the agency’s growth and success. Partnering with Ted Chung, the esteemed Founder and Chairman of Cashmere Agency, Seung Yong embarked on this entrepreneurial venture. While initially starting his career in software companies, Chung’s passion for the entertainment industry prompted a transition to executive and business roles. His professional background includes serving as the Business Development Officer at NextLinx Corporation and holding positions at Ernst & Young LLP. There are also indications that he founded and owned Chung & Associates, an entertainment marketing company based in Los Angeles.

Relationship with Diane Farr

Seung Yong Chung and Diane Farr’s love story unfolded when their paths crossed, with Seung Yong captivated by Diane’s beauty. The initial spark evolved into a deepening romantic connection, leading them to decide on a lifelong commitment. Their engagement on October 29, 2005, however, faced challenges as both sets of parents expressed disapproval. The complexities of their biracial backgrounds, particularly Seung Yong’s concerns about cultural expectations given his Asian heritage, added a layer of difficulty. Diane, too, had faced restrictions on whom she could love due to her biracial identity, though her parents had not explicitly restricted relationships with Asians. Despite these challenges, Diane defied cultural boundaries, emphasizing her openness to diverse relationships, including one she had during college with a man of African descent.

Who is Diane Farr?

Born on September 7, 1969, in Manhattan, New York, Diane Farr is a celebrated actress renowned for her roles in various television series. Notably recognized for portraying FBI Agent Megan Reeves in the CBS series ‘Numb3rs,’ she has also graced shows such as ‘The Job’ and ‘Californication.’ Beyond her successful acting career, Farr has taken on the role of an Acting Professor, even imparting her knowledge in a maximum-security prison setting. Diane’s roots trace back to Irish-Italian-American ancestry, with her parents, Thomas E. Farr and Patricia Farr, fostering her upbringing in a devout Catholic household.

Seung Yong Chung Net worth

Seung Yong Chung has achieved substantial financial success in the field of entertainment marketing, amassing considerable wealth through his dedication and expertise. As of the latest estimates, his net worth is approximately $19.8 million, reflecting the significant milestones and accomplishments he has attained in the industry.


In conclusion, Seung Yong Chung’s journey in the entertainment industry, both professionally and personally, is marked by notable achievements and significant life milestones. From his successful career in entertainment marketing to his role as a devoted parent, Chung has demonstrated resilience, dedication, and an ability to navigate challenges. His enduring commitment to the industry, coupled with the joy of parenthood, reflects a multifaceted and fulfilling life. As he continues to make strides in his career and family life, the story of Seung Yong Chung remains one of accomplishment and perseverance.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Seung Yong Chung?

Seung Yong Chung is an entertainment marketing executive and the co-founder/CEO of Cashmere Agency.

What is Seung Yong Chung’s net worth?

As of the latest estimates, Seung Yong Chung’s net worth is approximately $19.8 million.

Who is Diane Farr?

Diane Farr is a renowned American actress, producer, and writer, and she was formerly married to Seung Yong Chung.

How many children does Seung Yong Chung have?

Seung Yong Chung has three children: Beckett Mancuso Chung, Sawyer Lucia Chung, and Coco Trinity Chung.

What are the birthdates of Seung Yong Chung’s children?

Beckett was born on March 16, 2007, and the twins, Sawyer and Coco, were born on August 27, 2008.

What notable roles have Diane Farr played in TV series?

Diane Farr gained fame for her role as FBI Agent Megan Reeves in the CBS series ‘Numb3rs’ and has appeared in shows like ‘The Job’ and ‘Californication.’

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