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Sabine Glenn, renowned as the wife of AEW icon Sting, has garnered significant public attention despite her inclination towards a low-profile existence. Her association with the famed wrestler has thrust her into the limelight, prompting curiosity regarding her professional background, notably as a former certified fitness trainer. Despite maintaining a discreet presence on social media, fans are fervently interested in unveiling more about her life. This article delves into Sabine Glenn’s personal and professional journey, exploring her connection with Sting and her career trajectory as a certified fitness trainer.

Sabine Glenn’s Early Life

Sabine Glenn’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, with scant details available. Speculated to have been born in Omaha, Nebraska, information regarding her family background and childhood remains elusive. Initially, Sabine pursued a career as a certified personal trainer before transitioning into the role of a homemaker, prioritizing her family. Her visibility heightened with her relationship with Steve Borden, famously known as Sting. While Sting’s wrestling exploits are widely documented, Sabine’s contributions to his life, particularly during challenging times, are deliberately shielded from public scrutiny. Together, Sabine and Sting maintain a deliberate veil of privacy around their personal affairs, resulting in limited information about Sabine’s life circulating online.

Sabine Glenn’s Career

Sabine Glenn recognized as a certified professional trainer, has gained prominence primarily through her association as the spouse of AEW legend Sting. Despite her status as a celebrity spouse, Sabine consciously maintains a low profile and refrains from active engagement on social media platforms. Her professional endeavors and career specifics remain veiled in secrecy, reflective of her preference for privacy in her personal life. Consequently, details regarding her occupation and career trajectory remain elusive due to her intentional efforts to shield her life from public scrutiny.

How Old is Sabine Glenn?

As of 2024, Sabine Glenn is estimated to be in her late 50s, although her precise birthdate remains undisclosed. Regrettably, there exists a scarcity of information about her early life and background. Despite her connection to the public eye through her association as the spouse of AEW legend Sting, details regarding her personal history remain elusive. This lack of information extends to her upbringing, familial background, and any formative experiences that may have shaped her life before her emergence into public consciousness.

Privacy Preferences

Sabine Glenn and Steve Borden prioritize the privacy of their personal lives, despite their widespread recognition. Deliberately opting to maintain a discreet stance, they choose not to divulge extensive information regarding their marriage and family to the public. Sabine, in particular, favors a low-key approach, resulting in minimal online presence and limited details available about her. Notably, they have refrained from sharing specific details about their wedding, adding an aura of exclusivity and intimacy to their relationship. This intentional withholding of information contributes to the mystique surrounding their union, making it all the more special to their admirers.

Sabine Glenn’s Social Accounts

Sabine Glenn is acknowledged for her commitment to maintaining the privacy of her personal life, reflected in her absence from social media platforms. With a deliberate choice to eschew online engagement, there are no publicly accessible social media accounts associated with her. This intentional distancing from digital platforms further underscores her preference for discretion and seclusion, leaving fans and curious onlookers with limited avenues to access information about her personal affairs.

Sabine Glenn’s Net Worth

Sabine Glenn is speculated to possess a net worth ranging between $2-3 million, whereas her husband, Sting, is believed to have an estimated net worth of $8-10 million. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these figures are merely speculative estimates, and the exact net worth of Sabine Glenn remains undisclosed. While Sting’s financial standing is relatively more documented, the precise details regarding Sabine’s wealth remain a matter of conjecture.

Who is Steve Borden?

Steve Borden, famously known as Sting, is a prominent figure in American wrestling, renowned for his multifaceted career as a wrestler, actor, and author. Born on March 20, 1959, in Omaha, Nebraska, Sting has achieved legendary status in the wrestling world, securing numerous championships across major promotions such as WCW, WWE, and TNA. Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Sting has also dabbled in acting and is currently affiliated with AEW, All Elite Wrestling. Sabine Glenn and Steve Borden, also known as Sting, entered into matrimony in 2015 following their encounter at the wrestling extravaganza, Wrestlemania. Despite Sting’s fame in the wrestling realm, they deliberately opt to safeguard the details of their marriage, including the specifics of when and where it took place. Sabine, previously a certified personal trainer, now assumes the role of a homemaker, offering support to Sting. Their inclination towards privacy extends to their personal lives, as they consciously refrain from sharing intricate details to maintain a sense of privacy and intimacy.


In conclusion, the relationship between Sabine Glenn and Steve Borden, known as Sting, remains shrouded in a deliberate veil of privacy despite Sting’s widespread fame in the wrestling world. Their decision to keep their marriage details confidential and Sabine’s transition from a certified personal trainer to a homemaker underscores their commitment to maintaining a sense of intimacy and seclusion in their personal lives. While Sting’s achievements in wrestling and entertainment are celebrated, the couple’s choice to shield their relationship from public scrutiny highlights their desire to prioritize their privacy and nurture their bond away from the spotlight.


1. What is Sting’s real name, and when was he born?

Sting’s real name is Steve Borden, and he was born on March 20, 1959, in Omaha, Nebraska.

2. How did Sabine Glenn and Sting meet, and when did they get married?

Sabine Glenn and Sting met at a wrestling event called Wrestlemania. They got married in 2015, although specific details about their wedding remain private.

3. What are some of Sting’s notable achievements in his wrestling career?

Sting has had a legendary wrestling career, winning numerous championships in major promotions such as WCW, WWE, and TNA. He’s often hailed as one of the best in the business.

4. Can you provide more information about Sabine Glenn’s background and profession before she became a homemaker?

Sabine Glenn was formerly a certified personal trainer before transitioning into the role of a homemaker. However, details about her early life and professional background are limited.

5. Are there any specific reasons why Sabine and Sting choose to keep their personal lives private, despite Sting’s public persona as a wrestler?

Sabine and Sting prioritize their privacy and intimacy, choosing not to share extensive details about their personal lives, including their marriage. This decision allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect their relationship from public scrutiny.

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