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In a realm where fashion transcends mere attire to become a vibrant dialect of individuality, Rouba Saadeh emerges as an unmistakable luminary. Hailing from Lebanon and gracing the world stage since April 15, 1987, she epitomizes the fusion of fashion and storytelling. Rouba weaves intricate narratives through the warp and weft of fabrics, the delicacy of stitches, and the palette of colors at her disposal. Yet, what sets Rouba apart isn’t just her innate sense of style or her association as the former spouse of Michele Morrone. It’s her unparalleled ability to etch her distinctive saga onto the canvas of the fashion landscape. With each ensemble, she spins a tale that transcends mere garments, inviting the world to immerse itself in her unique narrative tapestry, where every thread speaks volumes.

Rouba Saadeh Personal Life

Following an introduction through mutual acquaintances, Rouba Saadeh embarked on a romantic journey with Michele Morrone, culminating in a private wedding ceremony in 2014. Although the couple opted to keep the details of their nuptials under wraps, they later celebrated their union lavishly amongst family and close friends. Their marital bliss bore fruit in the form of two sons, Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone. However, despite their initial happiness, disagreements and personal challenges led to the dissolution of their relationship in 2018. In a candid interview, the actor revealed his struggle with severe depression following the divorce, expressing a desire to retreat from the limelight and pursue a simpler life on a farm, as shared in an Instagram post. Yet, amidst the darkness, Morrone found solace and resurgence, returning to the acting world after a year and achieving remarkable success with “365 Days.” In a reflective Instagram post, he recounted his journey, highlighting the transformative power of resilience and self-belief in navigating life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

Rouba Saadeh Private Life

Maintaining an air of mystique, Rouba Saadeh guards her personal life closely, seldom divulging details about her parents, birthday, or siblings, save for her sister, Abir Sadeh. This Lebanese Christian luminary remains in the spotlight not only for her sartorial prowess but also due to her former marriage to the dashing Michele Morrone. Despite the allure of her high-profile relationship, Rouba navigates the fashion world with an aura of enigmatic charm, captivating audiences with her innovative designs and captivating narratives.

Rouba Saadeh Career

Born to Lebanese parents in 1987, Rouba Saadeh has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Holding various roles including fashion designer, founder, senior coordinator, and freelance graphic designer in Beirut, she commands attention not only for her creative endeavors but also for her association as the former partner of Michele Morrone, who catapulted to fame for his portrayal of Don Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 Polish film “365 Dni” (English: 365 Days). Beyond her design ventures, Rouba manages a successful retail store offering an array of clothing and accessories, leveraging her ex-husband’s celebrity status to bolster sales. Initially serving as CEO until December 2014, she transitioned her focus to family life following her marriage and the birth of her sons. However, following her separation, Rouba has reignited her passion for her career, resuming her role as a senior garment coordinator at ELIE SAAB in Beirut in June 2019.

Rouba Saadeh Education

Rouba embarked on her educational journey at Notre Dame de Paris, pursuing the French/Lebanese high school diploma from 1994 to 2004. Following her passion for design, she then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design and digital media from the Lebanese American University in 2008. This marked the beginning of her professional career, as she interned at “Publicist Graphics Lebanon” the same year, gaining invaluable experience in the field. Demonstrating a commitment to furthering her education, Rouba obtained an MBA from the Lebanese American University in 2011. Undeterred in her pursuit of excellence, she expanded her expertise with a one-year postgraduate diploma in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni in 2012, solidifying her presence in the fashion realm. Alongside her academic pursuits, Rouba has maintained an active role as a freelance graphic designer since 2008, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Rouba Saadeh Current Relationship Status

Despite speculation, Rouba remains resolute in her commitment to privacy, refraining from any public relationships. Renowned for her discretion, the celebrated designer prioritizes her family and children, dedicating her time and energy to their well-being rather than pursuing romantic endeavors. While her personal life remains shielded from the spotlight, Rouba finds fulfillment in nurturing her familial bonds, fostering a sense of contentment and stability within her inner circle.

Rouba Saadeh Social Accounts

Rouba Saadeh maintains an active presence on Instagram under the handle @roubasaadeh, captivating her audience with glimpses into her personal life. While the platform primarily serves as a showcase for her two sons and social engagements, Rouba’s posts resonate deeply with her followers, who eagerly anticipate updates from her vibrant world. Through curated snapshots of family moments and glimpses into her social circle, she fosters a sense of intimacy and connection, garnering admiration and affection from her online community.

Rouba Saadeh’s Physical Appearance

Rouba Saadeh possesses a slender and graceful physique, standing at 5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters tall. Maintaining a healthy weight of approximately 55 kilograms (121 pounds), she prioritizes her well-being through a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen. With a body shape characterized as a banana and measurements estimated at 34-25-34, Rouba embodies elegance and poise. Her captivating dark brown eyes complement her charming aura, drawing admiration from her followers on social media, where she effortlessly exudes allure and charisma.

What is Rouba Saadeh’s Net Worth

Rouba Saadeh’s illustrious career within the fashion and design sphere, coupled with her ownership of Le Paradise Des Fous, has significantly bolstered her financial standing, with an estimated net worth hovering around 2 million USD. Through her innovative contributions to the fashion landscape and entrepreneurial endeavors, Rouba has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the industry, garnering both acclaim and financial success. Her adept navigation of the business realm, combined with her creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit, has enabled her to amass a substantial fortune, underscoring her influence and impact within the fashion world.


In conclusion, Rouba Saadeh emerges as a multifaceted figure, whose journey encompasses not only remarkable achievements in the realms of fashion and design but also personal triumphs and challenges. From her humble beginnings to her ascent to prominence within the industry, Rouba’s story reflects resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity with entrepreneurship has not only propelled her to financial success but also positioned her as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs alike. Through her unwavering commitment to her craft, coupled with her dedication to family and privacy, Rouba epitomizes the transformative power of passion, hard work, and authenticity. As she continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and design, Rouba’s legacy serves as a testament to the enduring impact of talent, perseverance, and unwavering dedication.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Rouba Saadeh? Rouba Saadeh is a Lebanese fashion designer known for her innovative designs and contributions to the fashion industry.

2. What is Rouba Saadeh’s background? Rouba Saadeh was born in Lebanon and graduated from the Lebanese American University with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design and digital media. She later pursued further education in fashion design.

3. What is Rouba Saadeh’s net worth? Rouba Saadeh’s estimated net worth is around 2 million USD, primarily attributed to her successful career in the fashion and design industry.

4. Is Rouba Saadeh married? Rouba Saadeh was previously married to actor Michele Morrone, but the couple separated in 2018.

5. Does Rouba Saadeh have children? Yes, Rouba Saadeh has two sons named Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone from her marriage to Michele Morrone.

6. What is Rouba Saadeh’s body measurements? Rouba Saadeh’s body measurements are estimated to be 34-25-34, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters) and a weight of approximately 55 kilograms (121 pounds).

7. Does Rouba Saadeh have any siblings? Rouba Saadeh has a sister named Abir Sadeh.

8. What is Rouba Saadeh’s Instagram handle? Rouba Saadeh can be found on Instagram under the handle @roubasaadeh, where she shares glimpses into her personal life and professional endeavors.

9. What is Rouba Saadeh’s business venture? Rouba Saadeh owns a store called Le Paradise Des Fous, where she sells clothing and accessories.

10. How does Rouba Saadeh maintain her physique? Rouba Saadeh keeps a healthy body by eating nutritious food and engaging in regular exercise routines.

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