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Renowned as an American actor celebrated for his prominence in both TV movies and series, Patrick Duffy has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His notable contributions include iconic roles in series such as “Dallas,” “Step by Step,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Welcome to Sweden.” Duffy’s exceptional talent has garnered him accolades, including the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Actor in a Prime Time Serial in 1985 and the TV Land Pop Culture Award in 2006 for his role in the acclaimed “Dallas” series. With a prolific career spanning over 50 TV movies and series, Duffy has showcased his versatility in various productions, with memorable works like “Cry for the Strangers” and “Heart of Fire” among his extensive repertoire.

Patrick Duffy’s Early Life

Born on March 17, 1949, in Townsend, Montana, United States, Patrick Duffy, aged 74 as of 2023, falls under the zodiac sign of Pisces, known for its traits of sensitivity, artistry, and emotional depth. With American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity, Duffy’s early life in a modest family shaped his ethos of hard work and perseverance, qualities that would eventually propel him to fame. His foray into the acting world commenced in the 1970s, marked by notable guest appearances in TV series like “Hawaii Five-O,” “The Man from Atlantis,” and “Police Story.” These early roles laid the foundation for a successful career that would see him become a household name in the world of television.

Patrick Duffy’s Net worth

In the year 2024, Patrick Duffy boasts an impressive net worth of $30 million, a testament to his sustained triumphs in the entertainment realm and astute financial choices throughout his career. While the iconic series “Dallas” undoubtedly played a crucial role in amassing his wealth, Duffy’s financial success extends beyond his renowned role, encompassing diverse acting projects, lucrative endorsements, and savvy investments. His ability to navigate the multifaceted landscape of the entertainment industry and make shrewd financial decisions has undoubtedly contributed to his enduring prosperity.

Step by Step

Between 1991 and 1998, Patrick Duffy took on the role of Frank Lambert in the family sitcom “Step By Step,” co-starring with Suzanne Somers. The show, a fixture of ABC’s Friday night TGIF lineup, aired a total of 160 episodes spanning seven seasons, solidifying its place as a syndicated television mainstay. Notably, Duffy’s involvement went beyond acting, as he directed an impressive 49 episodes of the series. His contributions both in front of and behind the camera played a pivotal role in the show’s success and its enduring popularity in syndication.

Singing Career

Simultaneously, Patrick Duffy ventured into the realm of music, exploring a singing career that saw success in Europe. In 1983, he achieved a notable milestone with the hit “Together We’re Strong,” a duet featuring French singer Mireille Mathieu. The collaboration resonated with audiences, propelling the song to No. 5 in the Netherlands in April 1983. This musical endeavor showcased Duffy’s versatility, demonstrating that his talents extended beyond acting and further adding to the multifaceted nature of his artistic pursuits.

Patrick Duffy’s Personal Life

Patrick Duffy’s personal life is characterized by enduring commitments to both marriage and family. In a poignant ceremony on February 15, 1974, he married Carlyn Rosser, a professional ballerina, in a Buddhist ceremony. Notably, despite a ten-year age gap, their bond remained unwavering, resulting in a loving marriage that endured for over four decades until Carlyn Rosser’s passing in 2017. Throughout their enduring union, the couple embraced family life, welcoming two children, Padraic and Conor Duffy. Patrick Duffy and Carlyn Rosser’s dedication to each other was palpable in their steadfast relationship, marked by the shared experience of raising a family together. Their marriage and family life stand as integral components of Patrick Duffy’s journey, adding depth and richness to his life beyond the spotlight.

Patrick Duffy’s Social Media

Patrick Duffy remains a prominent figure on social media platforms, notably maintaining an active presence on Instagram and Twitter. Garnering approximately 36,000 followers on Instagram and amassing over 60,000 likes on Twitter, he actively interacts with his fan base, providing insights into both his professional and personal life. Through these platforms, Duffy establishes a direct connection with his audience, offering them a firsthand look into his ongoing journey. By sharing glimpses of his career and personal endeavors, Patrick Duffy creates a virtual bridge, allowing fans to stay updated and feel personally connected to the celebrated actor.

Patrick Duffy’s Charity Work

Patrick Duffy demonstrates a commendable commitment to philanthropy and generosity through his active involvement in charitable endeavors. Despite not directly affecting his net worth, his dedication to giving back to the community serves as a testament to his philanthropic spirit. Duffy’s engagement in charitable work underscores his desire to make a positive impact on society, showcasing a broader sense of responsibility beyond his successful career in the entertainment industry. This commitment to social causes highlights Patrick Duffy’s desire to contribute to the well-being of others and leaves a lasting legacy of compassion and altruism.


In conclusion, Patrick Duffy’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry, spanning iconic roles in television series such as “Dallas” and “Step By Step,” is complemented by a diverse range of talents and endeavors. From his foray into music with the hit “Together We’re Strong” to his active engagement on social media, Duffy has showcased a multifaceted personality. Beyond the spotlight, his enduring commitment to family, as exemplified by his four-decade-long marriage to Carlyn Rosser and their shared journey raising two children, adds a deeply personal dimension to his life. Furthermore, his philanthropic efforts underscore a generosity of spirit, emphasizing a commitment to making a positive impact on society. As Patrick Duffy continues to captivate audiences and contribute to various facets of public life, his legacy extends beyond the screen, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of entertainment, family, and philanthropy.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Patrick Duffy’s most iconic role? Patrick Duffy is widely recognized for his portrayal of Bobby Ewing in the popular television series “Dallas.” His performance in this iconic role contributed significantly to his fame and success in the entertainment industry.

2. Has Patrick Duffy won any awards for his acting? Yes, Patrick Duffy has received recognition for his acting talent. He won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Actor in a Prime Time Serial in 1985 for his role in “Dallas.” Additionally, he received the TV Land Pop Culture Award in 2006 for his contribution to the same series.

3. Did Patrick Duffy pursue a singing career? Yes, Patrick Duffy explored a singing career and achieved success in Europe with the hit song “Together We’re Strong,” a duet with French singer Mireille Mathieu. The song reached No. 5 in the Netherlands in April 1983.

4. How long was Patrick Duffy married, and did he have children? Patrick Duffy was married to Carlyn Rosser in a Buddhist ceremony on February 15, 1974. Their marriage lasted over four decades until Carlyn’s passing in 2017. The couple had two children, Padraic and Conor Duffy, during their time together.

5. Is Patrick Duffy active on social media? Yes, Patrick Duffy maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. With thousands of followers on both platforms, he engages with fans, offering glimpses into his personal and professional life.

6. What charitable work is Patrick Duffy involved in? Patrick Duffy has been actively involved in various charitable endeavors, reflecting his commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on society. While these efforts may not directly contribute to his net worth, they showcase his philanthropic spirit.

7. How many episodes of “Step By Step” did Patrick Duffy direct? Patrick Duffy directed 49 episodes of the family sitcom “Step By Step,” where he starred as Frank Lambert alongside Suzanne Somers. His involvement behind the camera added a significant dimension to the show’s success during its seven-season run.

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