Noelle Watters: Biography, Career, Husband, Children and Net Worth

Noelle Watters, also known as Noelle K. Inguagiato, hails from the vibrant city of New York, USA, where she has established herself as a notable television host and fashion stylist. Rising to prominence through her work at the Fox News Channel, Noelle forged a distinct identity within the industry. She gained further recognition as the former spouse of prominent journalist and political commentator Jesse Watters. This article will delve into Noelle’s early life, her successful career trajectory, her high-profile marriage, their shared children, as well as insights into her net worth and more.

Noelle Watters’s Early Life

Born on May 5, 1976, in the bustling metropolis of New York City, Noelle’s upbringing was nurtured by her parents, Peter and Rosemary Inguagiato, though details regarding her siblings and early years remain scarce. Following her secondary education, she embarked on a journey of higher learning at Fairfield University in Connecticut, where she diligently pursued her academic endeavors. Graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she laid the foundation for her future endeavors, blending her educational background with her innate talents and aspirations.

Noelle Watters’s Carrer

Noelle Watters, a true aficionado of fashion, embarked on a dual career path in both media and fashion, initially joining Fox News in the entertainment division where she began her journey behind the scenes. Driven by her undeniable passion for fashion, Noelle’s perseverance saw her ascent within the industry. In 2011, she seized the opportunity to host her fashion show, iMag Style, marking a significant milestone in her career. Despite the show segment’s discontinuation, she continued to contribute behind the scenes at Fox News. However, fate intervened, and the spotlight once again shone on her when she formed a connection with her colleague, Jesse Watters. Noelle also showcased her talents as an anchor on shows like “Outnumbered,” daytime news, and various talk shows, while notably serving as a style guide on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Her diverse career trajectory underscores her unwavering dedication to both fashion and media.

Noelle Watters’s Physical Appearance

Standing gracefully at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters), Noelle exudes elegance and poise, complemented by her approximate weight of 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Her striking features include captivating brown eyes that reflect depth and warmth, harmonizing perfectly with her lustrous light brown hair, which frames her face with a touch of natural radiance.

Noelle Watters’s Age

Noelle Watters, born on May 5, 1976, celebrated her 48th birthday in 2024, marking another year of her life’s journey. As an American by nationality, she embodies the traits of a Taurus, guided by the steadfast determination and practicality characteristic of this zodiac sign.

What is Noelle Watters’s Net Worth?

Noelle Watters, acclaimed for her contributions as both a broadcaster and fashion stylist, boasts an estimated net worth of $1 million, a testament to her achievements in the realms of broadcasting and fashion consultancy.

Meet Jesse Watters (Noelle Watters’s Husband)

Jesse Watters, a prominent figure in American conservative commentary, was born on July 9, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Renowned for his affiliation with Fox News, he rose to prominence through his acclaimed “Watters’ World” segment, which burgeoned into its show in 2015. A familiar face on political talk shows, Jesse frequently graces the screens of programs like “The O’Reilly Factor,” where his insights resonate with audiences. In his personal life, he entered matrimony with Emma DiGiovine in 2019, following his prior marriage to Noelle Watters, which spanned from 2009 to 2019. Jesse’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Trinity College.

Noelle and Jesse Watters’ Relationship

During her tenure at Fox News, Noelle’s professional journey intersected with Jesse Watters, leading to the blossoming of a romantic relationship between them. The culmination of their connection resulted in marriage in 2009, and they were blessed with twin daughters born on November 4, 2011. However, their marital bond faced tumult when Jesse confessed to infidelity with Emma DiGiovine, a 25-year-old colleague serving as an associate producer on “Watters World.” Subsequently, Noelle initiated divorce proceedings in 2017, which reached finalization in 2019, marking the end of their union.

Noelle and Jesse Watters’ Children

From their union, Jesse and Noelle welcomed twin daughters, Elle and Sophie Watters, into the world on November 4, 2011, a testament to the joys of their shared journey. However, as their marriage dissolved, custody of the twins fell into Noelle’s care, prompting her decision to uproot their lives and relocate to Washington, D.C., in pursuit of a fresh start.


In conclusion, Noelle Watters emerges as a multifaceted individual who has left an indelible mark on both the broadcasting and fashion industries. Her tenure at Fox News showcased her versatility, from her behind-the-scenes work to her on-screen appearances, where she captivated audiences with her charm and expertise. Beyond her professional achievements, Noelle’s journey, marked by both triumphs and challenges, reflects her resilience and unwavering commitment to her family. Despite facing adversity, she remains a devoted mother to her twin daughters, navigating the complexities of single parenthood with grace and determination. As she forges ahead into new chapters of her life, Noelle’s enduring passion for fashion and media continues to inspire, leaving an enduring legacy in her wake.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Noelle Watters? Noelle Watters, also known as Noelle K. Inguagiato, is a television host and fashion stylist who gained prominence for her work at Fox News Channel. She is also recognized as the former spouse of Jesse Watters, a prominent journalist and political commentator.

2. What is Noelle Watters known for? Noelle Watters is known for her contributions to the broadcasting industry, particularly during her time at Fox News Channel. She has also made a name for herself as a fashion stylist, showcasing her talents and expertise in various media outlets.

3. What shows has Noelle Watters appeared on? Noelle Watters has appeared on several shows during her career, including “Outnumbered” and other daytime news and talk shows. She also served as a style guide on “The O’Reilly Factor” while working at Fox News Channel.

4. When was Noelle Watters born? Noelle Watters was born on May 5, 1976, in New York City, USA.

5. What is Noelle Watters’ net worth? Noelle Watters’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, reflecting her accomplishments in both broadcasting and fashion styling.

6. Did Noelle Watters have children? Yes, Noelle Watters has twin daughters named Elle and Sophie Watters, born on November 4, 2011, during her marriage to Jesse Watters.

7. What happened to Noelle Watters’ marriage to Jesse Watters? Noelle Watters’ marriage to Jesse Watters faced challenges, ultimately leading to their divorce in 2019. The divorce followed Jesse Watters’ admission of infidelity with a colleague named Emma DiGiovine, leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

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