Who is Mychal Johnson?: Everything to Know about Andrew Wiggins Wife

Contrary to common misconception, Mychal Johnson is not the wife of Andrew Wiggins; in fact, the NBA player has never entered the bonds of matrimony. Mychal holds the significant role of being Andrew’s enduring girlfriend and is also the proud mother of their two children. The couple has built a strong and committed relationship over the years, navigating the demands of professional basketball while simultaneously nurturing their family. Though not officially married, the duo has formed a stable and loving household, with Mychal playing an integral role in supporting Andrew’s career and raising their children together. This dynamic showcases the resilience and strength of their partnership, emphasizing that marital status doesn’t define the depth of their connection.

Who is Mychal Johnson?

Mychal M. Johnson, an American of Afro-American descent, shares a close age proximity with her partner, the 28-year-old NBA player Andrew Wiggins, due to their shared ethnic background. While maintaining a low profile regarding her family details, Mychal is also known by the moniker Mychal. M. Johnson is an avid follower of Christian doctrine. Engaging with an audience of over 35,000 on her Instagram handle “@mycoool_,” she identifies as an entrepreneur and consistently shares insights on her blog. Mychal’s collegiate years saw her donning the jersey for the University of Notre Dame basketball team, showcasing her athletic prowess. While specifics about her professional career remain discreet, her boyfriend Andrew Wiggins, a Golden State Warriors player, initially entered the NBA scene with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, subsequently making his mark with the Memphis Grizzlies before finding a prominent place within the Warriors’ roster. Their dynamic journey unfolds against the backdrop of a shared passion for basketball and a commitment to their faith.

Who is Andrew Wiggins?

Andrew Christian Wiggins, hailing from Canada, has made a name for himself as a professional basketball player, showcasing his skills as a small forward for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). As a former No. 1 overall draft pick, Wiggins holds a prominent place in the league and has been involved in several historically significant trades, adding layers to his NBA journey. His dynamic career has not only shaped his trajectory but has also contributed to the growing excitement among basketball enthusiasts in Canada, where a new generation of talented players, including Wiggins, is making waves and capturing the attention of fans. His role as a small forward for the Warriors reflects not only his athleticism but also his impact on the broader narrative of Canadian talent in the world of professional basketball.

Mychal Johnson’s Age

At 28 years old as of April 2023, Mychal M. Johnson was born on November 21, 1995, in Huntington, West Virginia, USA, to an African-American family, offering a glimpse into her cultural roots. Her partner, born on February 23, 1995, is 28 years old. This couple, both hailing from the same age cohort, shares a close bond not only through their relationship but also through their respective birthdays falling within months of each other. Mychal’s birthplace in West Virginia adds a geographic nuance to her identity, and her African-American heritage plays a significant role in shaping her life experiences. As the duo navigates their late twenties, the shared journey reflects not only their connection but also the intersections of age, culture, and shared moments as they continue to build their lives together.

Mychal Johnson’s Physical Appearance

Mychal Johnson boasts remarkable physical attributes, showcasing a stunning, slender, and well-toned physique that stands tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches. With a balanced weight of 56 kg, her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is evident. Mychal diligently tends to her well-being, demonstrating a conscious approach to her diet, a practice she upholds with particular consideration given her professional commitments. Her dedication to physical fitness not only contributes to her aesthetic appeal but also reflects a commitment to overall health and wellness, underscoring the importance of a holistic approach to personal care in her life.

Mychal Johnson’s Net worth

Having previously showcased her basketball prowess at Notre Dame, Mychal Johnson has experienced financial success through her athletic endeavors, although she maintains a level of privacy by not disclosing her net worth either online or to the media. Meanwhile, her partner, Andrew Wiggins, enjoys substantial financial prosperity, with an estimated net worth of $65 million as per his Instagram profile. Earning an annual income of around $28.6 million from his contributions to the Golden State Warriors, Wiggins further bolsters his financial portfolio through lucrative endorsements and commercial deals. The NBA player’s thriving career and financial stability contribute to a prosperous and content lifestyle, affirming the positive impact of his basketball endeavors on both his professional and personal spheres.

Mychal Johnson’s Kids

In the year 2018, the couple openly shared the joyous news of the arrival of their firstborn, a delightful baby girl named Amyah Wiggins. Expanding their family, they welcomed their second daughter in 2021, naming her Alyah Milan. The addition of Alyah marked the evolution of their family into a foursome, with the two newborn girls bringing boundless happiness to their lives. The Wiggins family, now comprising Andrew, Mychal, Amyah, and Alyah, continues to grow together, forging a path through parenthood and creating a nurturing and loving environment for their children.


In conclusion, the life of Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson is a captivating journey filled with achievements, both on and off the basketball court. From Andrew’s stellar career as a professional basketball player, marked by his role as a small forward for the Golden State Warriors, to Mychal’s contributions as an athlete and her commitment to health and wellness, the couple has navigated the complexities of fame and personal life with grace. Their family expanded with the joyous additions of daughters Amyah and Alyah, solidifying their bond and creating a foundation for a bright and fulfilling future. Together, they exemplify resilience, success, and the joy found in both professional accomplishments and the warmth of family life.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Andrew Wiggins?

Andrew Wiggins is a professional basketball player from Canada, known for playing as a small forward for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He was the No. 1 overall draft pick and has been involved in several significant trades in recent NBA history.

2. Who is Mychal Johnson, and how is she related to Andrew Wiggins?

Mychal Johnson is Andrew Wiggins’ long-term girlfriend. She is also the mother of their two daughters, Amyah and Alyah. Mychal has a background in basketball, having played for the University of Notre Dame.

3. What is Andrew Wiggins’ net worth?

As of the latest available information, Andrew Wiggins’ estimated net worth is around $65 million. He earns a significant income from his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors, endorsements, and commercial deals.

4. How many children do Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson have?

The couple has two daughters. Their first child, Amyah Wiggins, was born in 2018. In 2021, they welcomed their second daughter, Alyah Milan.

5. What is Mychal Johnson’s profession?

While Mychal Johnson’s specific professional details are not publicly disclosed, she is known to be an entrepreneur and has a background in basketball, having played for the University of Notre Dame.

6. Are Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson married?

No, as of the latest information, Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson are not married. They are in a long-term relationship and share a family.

7. What are Andrew Wiggins’ achievements in the NBA?

Andrew Wiggins, as the No. 1 overall draft pick, has had a successful NBA career. He has played for teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves before joining the Golden State Warriors. Wiggins has made significant contributions as a small forward, showcasing his athleticism and skills on the court.

8. How active is Mychal Johnson on social media?

Mychal Johnson is active on Instagram with the handle “@mycoool_”. She has garnered a following of more than 24k on the platform, where she shares insights into her life, health-conscious practices, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

9. What is the significance of Andrew Wiggins’ trades in NBA history?

Andrew Wiggins has been part of trades that hold historical significance in recent NBA history, contributing to the league’s dynamic landscape. These trades have played a role in shaping the NBA’s narrative during the seasons in which they occurred.

10. Where was Mychal Johnson born? – Mychal Johnson was born on November 21, 1995, in Huntington, West Virginia, USA, to an African-American family.


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