Meet Sherry Aon: Everything to Know about Rick Gonzalez Spouse

Sherry Aon is the spouse of Rick Gonzalez, a prominent American actor. The couple first crossed paths during their high school years, and their enduring love has brought them a child. Despite being in a relationship with a well-known movie star, Sherry remains a private individual, steering clear of the limelight. In contrast to her husband’s public presence, information about Sherry is relatively scarce. Notably, she is absent from any social media platforms, adding a layer of mystery to her life. While her preference for privacy makes it challenging to glean insights into her daily affairs, we have managed to gather some essential details about her.

Who is Sherry Aon?

Born in 1982 in New York, Sherry Aon is a woman of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent whose life has been shaped by a profound passion for the arts. Her journey led her to graduate from the High School of the Performing Arts in Manhattan, a testament to her dedication to artistic pursuits. However, Sherry’s narrative is not one of seeking the spotlight for personal glory; rather, it stands as a testament to the strength of enduring love and steadfast support. Sherry’s life became intertwined with that of Rick Gonzalez, a talented American actor and singer, during their high school years, and little did they know that their connection would evolve into the foundation of a lasting love story. The year 2012 marked a significant milestone for them as they exchanged vows, embarking on a new chapter together. The richness of their family expanded with the birth of their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, in 2013. Beyond her roles as Rick’s wife and Skylar’s mother, Sherry Aon is a multi-faceted individual. She boasts a background in modeling, having been featured in campaigns for renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. However, her impact extends well beyond the realms of fashion. Sherry is a fervent fitness enthusiast, a music aficionado, an advocate for noteworthy causes, and a staunch believer in the importance of maintaining privacy amidst public attention.

Who is Rick Gonzalez?

Born on June 30, 1979, in New York City, Rick Gonzalez stands as an accomplished American actor and singer with ancestral ties to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Cultivating a love for the performing arts from a young age, Rick, a native New Yorker, would often dazzle his family with spontaneous performances. His journey led him to the High School of the Performing Arts, where he refined his skills before delving into the film industry. In 1998, he marked his official acting debut in “Thicker Than Blood,” portraying the character Sanchez and subsequently entered the feature film arena with “Mambo Cafe” in 2000 as Ricky. With over two decades in the industry, Rick Gonzalez has sustained his relevance, earning acclaim for notable roles like Naps in “Roll Bounce,” Ben Gonzalez in “Reaper,” and Timo Cruz in “Coach Carter.”Among his significant television endeavors was the portrayal of Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog in the CW superhero series “Arrow” from 2016 to 2020. Recent appearances include roles in “Law & Order: Organized Crime” as Nunez and the TV adaptation of “The Lost Symbol” as Det. Bobby Reyes. Beyond his acting prowess, Rick is also a skilled musician, releasing the mixtape “The Invisible Man” in 2011, hosted by DJ G-Spot, reflecting his struggles to break into the music industry. Additionally, he made a notable contribution to Sean Price’s album “Mic Tyson” in 2012. In 2017, Rick Gonzalez graced the silver screen in the major motion picture “Deuces,” portraying the character Papers.

The Love Story

Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez’s love story traces back to their high school days when they first crossed paths. Nurturing their relationship over time, the couple decided to exchange vows in 2012, opting for an intimate wedding ceremony attended exclusively by their nearest and dearest. Before taking this significant step, Sherry and Rick shared a life, demonstrating a profound commitment to each other. While specific details about the early stages of their romance remain somewhat elusive, Rick Gonzalez has offered glimpses into their journey. In a heartfelt Mother’s Day tribute shared on social media, Rick alluded to Sherry initially posing a challenge, but he expressed delight in the pursuit. Acknowledging the inevitable hurdles in any relationship, Rick emphasized that as they gradually opened up to each other, their bond deepened, resiliently weathering challenges and flourishing over time.

Sherry Aon’s Net worth

While Sherry Aon’s financial details remain discreet, her husband Rick Gonzalez has amassed a substantial net worth through his flourishing career in the entertainment realm, estimated at around $1 million. Rick’s journey in the industry has been marked by triumphs, with his involvement in various movies and TV series contributing significantly to his financial success. Renowned for his talents, Rick commands substantial fees for his roles, solidifying his position as a sought-after performer. It’s crucial to acknowledge that net worth is shaped by diverse factors, encompassing earnings, investments, and personal ventures. The combined financial landscape of Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez likely reflects their respective contributions to the entertainment industry. As we delve further into Sherry Aon’s life, a comprehensive exploration of her family’s financial dynamics will unfold, providing insights into how it has evolved over the years. Stay tuned for a deeper understanding of the intriguing facets of Sherry Aon’s world.


In conclusion, Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez’s lives are characterized by a blend of love, privacy, and success in the entertainment industry. Sherry’s commitment to privacy, marked by her absence from social media, adds an air of mystery to her story. Her diverse interests, from modeling to fitness and advocacy, underscore the multifaceted nature of her identity. Meanwhile, Rick Gonzalez, a seasoned actor and singer, has navigated a successful career, amassing a significant net worth. The couple’s journey from high school sweethearts to a family unit with their daughter Skylar is a testament to enduring love. While Sherry’s financial details remain private, Rick’s achievements in the entertainment world contribute to their joint financial landscape. As we await further glimpses into Sherry Aon’s life, the intricate dynamics of their family, love, and prosperity continue to unfold, offering a captivating narrative of their shared journey.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: Who is Sherry Aon, and what is her background? A1: Sherry Aon is the wife of Rick Gonzalez, an American actor and singer. Born in 1979 in New York, Sherry has a heritage that includes Dominican and Puerto Rican roots. She graduated from Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts and has a diverse background, including modeling and a passion for fitness.

Q2: How did Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez meet? A2: Sherry and Rick first met during their high school days. Their relationship blossomed over time, leading to their decision to get married in 2012. Details about the early stages of their romance are somewhat limited, but Rick Gonzalez has shared insights into their journey through social media.

Q3: Do Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez have children? A3: Yes, Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez have a daughter named Skylar Gonzalez, born in 2013. The couple’s family life is an integral part of their story.

Q4: What is Rick Gonzalez’s net worth? A4: As of the latest available information, Rick Gonzalez is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million. His successful career in the entertainment industry, including roles in movies and TV series, has contributed to his financial success.

Q5: Is Sherry Aon active on social media? A5: No, Sherry Aon is not known to be active on any social media networks, maintaining a private and low-key presence.

Q6: What are some notable roles played by Rick Gonzalez in the entertainment industry? A6: Rick Gonzalez has had a successful career in both movies and TV series. Some of his notable roles include Naps in “Roll Bounce,” Ben Gonzalez in “Reaper,” and Timo Cruz in “Coach Carter.” He also portrayed Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog in the CW series “Arrow.”

Q7: What other interests and activities are associated with Sherry Aon? A7: Sherry Aon has been involved in modeling, having worked with iconic brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. She is also known for her passion for fitness, advocacy for important causes, and her belief in the power of privacy.

Q8: When did Rick Gonzalez release his mixtape, and what is it called? A8: Rick Gonzalez released his mixtape titled “The Invisible Man” in 2011. The mixtape reflects his struggles to break into the music industry, and it was hosted by DJ G-Spot.

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