Meet Janet Condra: The Untold Story of Larry Bird’s Ex-Wife

Janet Condra’s life story intertwines with that of Larry Bird, one of basketball’s greatest legends, known as “Larry the Legend”. While much is said about Bird’s triumphant NBA career, less is known about Condra, his first wife, whose life took a significantly private turn post-divorce. This article delves into Condra’s biography, her net worth, and the details of her marriage and subsequent divorce from Larry Bird, providing insights into the personal life of the woman who once shared her life with a sports icon.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird

Janet Condra, born in Indiana, met Larry Bird at Springs Valley High School, where their young love blossomed. Their relationship led to marriage in 1975, a union marked by its brief duration yet lasting impact on both their lives. Despite the divorce that followed less than a year after their marriage, their connection remained significant, evidenced by their daughter, Corrie Bird.

The marriage between Janet and Larry reflected a common narrative of young love facing the harsh realities of life changes, ambitions, and personal growth. Larry Bird’s burgeoning basketball career, marked by his roles as a player, coach, and executive, contrasted with Janet’s life, which took a more private turn post-divorce. The differences in their paths highlight the complexities of relationships in the public eye and the challenges of maintaining personal relationships amidst rising fame.

Life After Larry: Janet Condra’s Journey

Post-divorce, Janet Condra’s life became a testament to resilience and privacy. Raising their daughter Corrie as a single parent, Condra remained largely out of the public spotlight, a stark contrast to Bird’s continued public presence in the NBA world. This section of her life underscores the challenges faced by individuals connected to celebrities, where personal achievements and struggles often remain overshadowed by their more famous counterparts.

Janet’s decision to stay away from media attention and social media platforms speaks volumes about her desire for a life defined by personal values rather than public recognition. This choice reflects a broader narrative of seeking normalcy and privacy, a challenging feat for those once connected to public figures.

Net Worth and Financial Life

Larry Bird, a former American professional basketball player and executive, has amassed a net worth of $75 million. thanks to his successful career in the NBA, details about Janet Condra’s financial status are less clear. This ambiguity stems from her private lifestyle and the absence of public records detailing her career or personal ventures post-divorce. The financial arrangements following their divorce, including any settlements, remain a private matter, further highlighting the privacy Condra has maintained.

The Legacy of a Relationship

The marriage and divorce of Janet Condra and Larry Bird offer insights into how relationships shape individuals’ lives beyond their immediate effects. For Larry, his relationship with Janet and their daughter Corrie played roles in his life’s narrative, influencing his personal and professional decisions. For Janet, her marriage to Bird and their divorce shaped her path toward a life of privacy and independence.


Janet Condra’s story is a compelling narrative of life, love, and resilience. Her marriage to Larry Bird and their subsequent divorce paint a picture of young love tested by the pressures of fame and personal growth. Despite these challenges, Condra’s life post-divorce reflects a powerful choice to live privately, focusing on personal values and the well-being of her family. Her story, though less known, offers valuable lessons on privacy, resilience, and the complex interplay between personal and public lives.


Who is Janet Condra?
Janet Condra is known as Larry Bird’s first wife. They were high school sweethearts who married young but divorced within a year. Their relationship is significant due to Bird’s fame as an NBA legend.

Did Janet Condra and Larry Bird have children?
Yes, they had a daughter named Corrie Bird, born after their separation.

What is Janet Condra’s net worth?
Janet Condra’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, reflecting her private lifestyle post-divorce from Larry Bird.

Why did Janet Condra and Larry Bird divorce?
Their divorce is attributed to the challenges of managing a young marriage amidst Bird’s rising basketball career and the inherent pressures of fame.

What is Janet Condra known for?
Beyond being Larry Bird’s ex-wife, Janet Condra is recognized for her choice to lead a private life, focusing on raising their daughter Corrie away from the public eye.

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