Meet Evin Harrah Cosby: Everything to Know About Bill Cosby’s Daughter

Evin Harrah Cosby, the second daughter of the legendary entertainer Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Hanks Cosby, experienced a childhood in the limelight courtesy of her father’s iconic status. Growing up, she navigated the challenges and perks of her family’s fame. Evin forged her distinct path in the business realm, notably founding the high-end boutique, “PB & Caviar.” The inspiration behind the beloved character Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show, Evin’s early life was intertwined with the entertainment industry. This article delves into her upbringing, exploring the dynamics of her renowned parents’ relationship, and her notable achievements in the business world, and delves into aspects such as her net worth, offering a comprehensive perspective on Evin Harrah Cosby’s multifaceted life journey.

Evin Harrah Cosby’s Early Life

Evin Harrah Cosby, the youngest child of Bill and Camille Cosby, entered the world in Los Angeles, California, on August 27, 1976. Raised in the glow of the spotlight alongside her siblings Erika, Erinn, Ensa, and Ennis, Evin’s early years maintain an air of privacy despite her family’s widespread renown. Limited details are accessible about her formative upbringing, preserving a sense of mystery surrounding her childhood within the context of her parents’ fame.

Evin Harrah Cosby’s Career

Diverging from the limelight of her celebrity parents, Evin Cosby harbored a profound passion for the realms of design and styling. To pursue this fervor, she embarked on a journey to a prestigious fashion school in New York, a decision that kindled her aspirations of becoming a notable fashion designer. Post her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Evin delved into diverse roles, initially contributing backstage to her father’s renowned show, The Cosby Show. Along her professional trajectory, she undertook an internship at Essence magazine, collaborating with the esteemed Mikki Taylor. Through years of dedicated effort, Evin materialized her dream with the establishment of her boutique, PB & Cavier, nestled in the heart of New York City. This significant accomplishment marked a pivotal milestone in Evin’s life, attesting to her dedication and success in the world of fashion.

Evin Harrah Cosby’s Education

Evin Harrah Cosby’s educational trajectory underscores her unwavering commitment to excellence, beginning with a robust foundation at Banks Elementary School and Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Progressing through high school, she continued her pursuit of higher education at Spelman College. Demonstrating a dedication to her passion, Evin subsequently made a notable shift to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. This educational journey reflects her conscientious approach to learning and her willingness to explore diverse avenues to align her academic pursuits with her genuine interests and aspirations.

How Old is Evin Harrah Cosby?

Born on August 27, 1976, Evin Harrah Cosby is presently 47 years old, falling under the astrological sign of Virgo. Hailing from the United States, she proudly holds American nationality. This unique combination of birth date and astrological sign adds a personal touch to Evin’s identity, contributing to the mosaic of her individuality within the broader context of her American heritage.

What is Evin Harrah Cosby’s Net Worth?

Although Evin Harrah Cosby has adeptly managed her boutique for an extended period, the precise details of her net worth remain elusive. Various sources suggest an estimated net worth of approximately $500k in 2024, yet official verification remains elusive. The ambiguity surrounding the specific figure notwithstanding, it is clear that Evin has attained financial success throughout her professional odyssey. The entrepreneurial path she carved with her boutique reflects a prosperous venture, underscoring her ability to navigate the realms of business and design with commendable acumen.

Meet Bill Cosby (Harrah Cosby’s Father)

Born on July 12, 1937, Bill Cosby stands as a versatile American icon renowned for his contributions to comedy, acting, and media. Celebrated as “America’s Dad” due to his iconic role in “The Cosby Show,” Cosby’s influence on both American and African American culture is indelible. Early glimpses of his potential were evident in his engagement in sports and leadership at Mary Channing Wister Public School, foreshadowing the significant success that lay ahead. Despite facing a notable legal battle involving multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, Cosby’s enduring impact on the entertainment industry remains undeniable. The controversies surrounding him have not diminished the lasting imprint he has left on American popular culture and his contributions to the world of entertainment.

What is Bill Cosby’s Net Worth?

Bill Cosby, an American comedian, television star, and producer, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As of the current date, his net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. Renowned for his versatile talents, Cosby’s career spans decades, where he not only brought laughter to audiences with his comedic prowess but also made significant contributions as a television personality and producer. Despite facing legal challenges and controversies in recent years, Cosby’s financial success underscores the enduring impact of his prolific career in the realms of comedy and television. His net worth serves as a testament to the longevity and influence of his contributions to the entertainment world.

Meet Camille Cosby (Harrah Cosby’s Mother)

Born on March 20, 1944, Camille Olivia Cosby stands as an accomplished American television producer and philanthropist, gaining prominence not just for her professional endeavors but also as the wife of the renowned comedian Bill Cosby. Camille’s impressive portfolio includes the production of shows like “Fat Albert,” “Obkb,” and “Ennis’ Gift,” showcasing her multifaceted contributions to the entertainment industry. Notably, she played a pivotal role in shaping the character Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Having been married to Bill Cosby since 1964, their enduring union has blessed them with five children: Ennis, Ensa, Erika Ranee, Erinn Chalene, and Evin Harrah Cosby. Beyond her role in the entertainment world, Camille is distinguished for her philanthropic works and active engagement in charitable endeavors, further solidifying her impactful presence beyond the spotlight.


In conclusion, the Cosby family, comprising iconic figures like Bill Cosby, Camille Cosby, and their accomplished daughter Evin Harrah Cosby, encapsulates a dynamic blend of entertainment, philanthropy, and individual pursuits. Evin’s journey from a childhood in the spotlight to establishing her boutique exemplifies her determination and independence. Bill Cosby’s influential contributions to comedy and acting, despite the controversies, have left an indelible mark on American culture. Camille Cosby’s role as a television producer and philanthropist underscores the family’s commitment to both the entertainment industry and charitable endeavors. The Cosby family narrative serves as a testament to the complexities and successes that intertwine with fame, talent, and resilience.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Evin Harrah Cosby? Evin Harrah Cosby is the daughter of comedian Bill Cosby and television producer Camille Cosby. Born on August 27, 1976, she has made a name for herself in the business world, particularly with the establishment of her upscale boutique, “PB & Caviar.”

2. What inspired Evin Harrah Cosby’s boutique, “PB & Caviar”? Evin’s boutique, “PB & Caviar,” was inspired by her deep passion for design and styling. After pursuing an education in fashion, including an internship at Essence magazine, she ventured into roles that eventually led to the fulfillment of her dream of establishing a boutique in New York City.

3. What is Evin Harrah Cosby’s educational background? Evin Cosby laid a strong educational foundation at Banks Elementary School and Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. She continued her higher education journey at Spelman College before making a significant shift to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

4. What is Bill Cosby known for in the entertainment industry? Bill Cosby is a multitalented American figure known for his contributions to comedy, acting, and media. He gained widespread recognition as “America’s Dad” for his role in “The Cosby Show,” making a remarkable impact on American and African American culture.

5. What legal challenges has Bill Cosby faced? Bill Cosby has faced a significant legal battle involving numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite these controversies, his lasting influence in the entertainment industry remains evident.

6. Who is Camille Olivia Cosby? Camille Olivia Cosby is an accomplished American television producer and philanthropist. She is famous for being the wife of comedian Bill Cosby and has played a significant role in producing shows like “Fat Albert” and shaping the character Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

7. How many children do Bill and Camille Cosby have? Bill and Camille Cosby share five children: Ennis, Ensa, Erika Ranee, Erinn Chalene, and Evin Harrah Cosby.

8. What philanthropic works is Camille Cosby known for? Camille Cosby is known for her active involvement in charitable work and philanthropy, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.

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