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Marlynn Myers is known as the first wife of the infamous American serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. Their brief union yielded two children and has attracted considerable public interest due to Gacy’s horrendous crimes. Despite this notoriety, Marlynn has kept a low profile, divulging little about her professional endeavors or personal life. Her connection with John Wayne Gacy and the discreetness she and her children maintain have piqued the curiosity of the public. This article delves deeper into Marlynn Myers’ background, exploring her familial roots, her relationship with her children, and the privacy she has staunchly upheld since her divorce from John Wayne Gacy.

Marlynn Myers’ Early Life

Marlynn Myers’ early life remains shrouded in mystery, with scant details available about her upbringing. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she secured a job at the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company in Springfield, Illinois, where she crossed paths with John Wayne Gacy. Their romance blossomed swiftly, culminating in a hasty marriage in September 1964, after which they relocated to Waterloo, Iowa, where Marlynn’s father owned several Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. Despite the initial joy, their marital bliss was short-lived as Gacy found himself embroiled in serious trouble by 1968. This tumultuous turn of events prompted Marlynn to initiate divorce proceedings and pursue custody of their two children. Following this pivotal moment, details about Marlynn’s subsequent life trajectory remain elusive.

Marlynn Myers’ Career

Marlynn Myers has notably kept a low profile throughout her life, with little public information available about her career or professional endeavors. She is primarily recognized as the first wife of John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer famously dubbed the “Killer Clown.” Despite the media attention surrounding her marriage to Gacy and the subsequent events that unfolded, Marlynn has chosen to remain out of the spotlight, contributing to the mystery surrounding her personal life and professional pursuits.

Who is John Wayne Gacy?

Born in Chicago on March 17, 1942, John Wayne Gacy gained infamy as a prolific American serial killer, perpetrating atrocious crimes that shocked the nation. His victims, predominantly teenage boys, and young men numbered at least 33 in Cook County, Illinois. What set Gacy apart was not just the depravity of his acts but also his unsettling public persona as a clown, often performing at charitable events. Following his arrest in 1978, Gacy was convicted of all 33 murders, leading to his eventual execution in 1994. His dual identity as both a murderous predator and a seemingly harmless entertainer continues to fascinate and horrify people to this day.

Marlynn & John Married Life

Marlynn Myers played a pivotal role as John Wayne Gacy’s initial spouse, marking a brief yet consequential chapter in both of their lives. Their paths intertwined while employed at a store in Springfield, Illinois, culminating in their union in September 1964. Following their nuptials, the couple relocated to Waterloo, Iowa, where Gacy assumed a managerial position at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets owned by Myers’ father. Throughout their marriage, which bore witness to the birth of their son in February 1966 and daughter in March 1967, Marlynn and Gacy navigated the challenges of parenthood alongside their respective roles in the family dynamic.

Marlynn Myers’ Divorce Decision

The year 1968 marked a turning point in Marlynn Myers’ relationship with John Wayne Gacy, as she made the difficult decision to file for divorce following his arrest and subsequent imprisonment for assaulting a 16-year-old boy. As Gacy admitted to his wrongdoing, Marlynn swiftly sought to dissolve their marriage, citing his criminal actions as the primary catalyst for their separation. By 1969, their divorce proceedings had concluded, with Marlynn securing alimony and sole custody of their two children. This decisive move underscored Marlynn’s determination to protect herself and her offspring from the repercussions of Gacy’s criminal behavior, signifying the end of their tumultuous union.

Marlynn Myers’ Children

Following the dissolution of Marlynn Myers and John Wayne Gacy’s marriage in 1969, their two children, Michael and Christine, born in February 1966 and March 1967 respectively, were entrusted into Marlynn’s sole care. With a steadfast commitment to shielding them from the shadows of their father’s troubled past, Marlynn diligently worked to cultivate a safe and nurturing environment for her children. Michael and Christine deliberately shunned the limelight, opting to maintain a private existence away from public scrutiny. As a result, scant information is available about their lives, underscoring their resolute desire for privacy and detachment from their father’s notorious legacy.

John Gacy’s Criminal Offenses

John Wayne Gacy’s abhorrent actions, wherein he viciously harmed and murdered 33 young men between 1972 and 1978, sent shockwaves through society, eliciting profound outrage and indignation. Despite presenting himself as an ordinary family man, Gacy’s clandestine involvement in drug use and nefarious activities belied a deeply sinister nature. The revelation of his heinous crimes in 1978 rattled communities nationwide, instilling a pervasive sense of fear and disbelief. Dubbed the “Killer Clown” for his disturbing dual identity as both a murderer and an entertainer, Gacy’s arrest and subsequent trial captured the attention of the entire country. The collective response to Gacy’s atrocities encompassed a spectrum of emotions ranging from astonishment to terror to fury. The moniker “Killer Clown” now serves as a chilling reminder of Gacy’s monstrous deeds, etching his name into the annals of crime history as one of its most chilling and disturbing chapters.

What is Marlynn Myers’ Net Worth?

Publicly available information regarding Marlynn Myers’ net worth remains elusive, as she has maintained a discreet lifestyle and refrained from disclosing details about her financial status. Preferring to keep a low profile, Marlynn has chosen not to divulge information regarding her wealth or financial situation to the public. Consequently, there is a lack of accessible data concerning her net worth, further contributing to the mystery surrounding her personal affairs.


In conclusion, Marlynn Myers emerges as an enigmatic figure, intricately linked to the notorious legacy of John Wayne Gacy yet steadfastly maintaining her privacy amidst public curiosity. Her journey, marked by significant events such as marriage, divorce, and the upbringing of her children, remains veiled in mystery, with limited information available about her personal and professional life. Despite the absence of concrete details, Marlynn’s resilience in navigating the aftermath of her association with Gacy serves as a testament to her strength and determination to carve out a semblance of normalcy in the face of extraordinary circumstances. As the specter of Gacy’s crimes continues to loom large in the collective consciousness, Marlynn Myers remains a symbol of resilience and steadfastness during darkness.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Marlynn Myers? Marlynn Myers is best known as the first wife of John Wayne Gacy, the infamous American serial killer.

When did Marlynn Myers marry John Wayne Gacy? Marlynn Myers married John Wayne Gacy in September 1964.

How many children did Marlynn Myers have with John Wayne Gacy? Marlynn Myers had two children with John Wayne Gacy: a son born in February 1966 and a daughter born in March 1967.

When did Marlynn Myers divorce, John Wayne Gacy? Marlynn Myers divorced John Wayne Gacy in 1969, following his arrest and imprisonment for assaulting a 16-year-old boy.

What happened to Marlynn Myers after her divorce from John Wayne Gacy? After her divorce from John Wayne Gacy, Marlynn Myers took full custody of their children and maintained a low profile, with limited public information available about her subsequent life.

Is Marlynn Myers’ net worth publicly available? No, information about Marlynn Myers’ net worth is not publicly available, as she has kept a low profile and refrained from sharing details about her financial situation.

What is Marlynn Myers’ occupation or profession? Details about Marlynn Myers’ occupation or profession are scarce, as she has maintained a private life and has not disclosed much about her career.

Are there any updates on Marlynn Myers’ life or whereabouts? Marlynn Myers has deliberately stayed away from public attention, and there have been no recent updates or developments regarding her life or whereabouts.

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