Mariah Bird: Everything to Know About Larry Bird’s Daughter

Mariah Bird has risen to prominence as the daughter of the legendary former NBA player Larry Bird, renowned for his illustrious career with the Boston Celtics. Larry, an NBA executive in the present, was married to Dinah Mattingly. Mariah, now a widely recognized figure in American football circles, benefits from her father’s basketball legacy, which has firmly established the Bird name in the NBA community. Larry Bird, a key player for the Boston Celtics in his playing days, continues to contribute to the basketball world as an executive. The Bird family’s enduring connection to the sport adds to Mariah’s prominence in the realm of American sports.

Who is Mariah Bird

Mariah Bird, recognized as the adopted daughter of NBA icon Larry Bird, is carving out a noteworthy niche in the domain of event management. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation from Indiana University in Bloomington, she underscores her dedication to both personal and professional development. Mariah’s academic accomplishments serve as a testament to her commitment to excellence. However, her story extends beyond the realm of scholarly achievements, revealing a multifaceted individual. As she navigates the world of event management, Mariah Bird brings a unique blend of educational prowess and practical experience, undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Mariah Bird’s Early Life

Emerging from the union of NBA legend Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly in 1989, Mariah came into the world alongside her two siblings, Connor Bird and Corrie Bird. Mariah and Connor share the distinction of being adopted, while Corrie is Larry’s biological child from a prior relationship. The familial tapestry weaves together a diverse blend of backgrounds. Mariah, embarking on her journey, initially found her passion as a cheerleader during her formative high school years, laying the groundwork for her subsequent career endeavors. This unique family dynamic, marked by both adoption and biological ties, reflects the richness of Mariah’s upbringing and the varied paths each sibling has taken in their pursuits.

Height & Weight

Mariah Bird is not only known for her accomplishments but also her striking appearance, boasting an alluring presence accompanied by a splendid physique and well-maintained figure. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 57 kilograms, Mariah embodies both elegance and fitness. Her distinct features include a cascade of blonde hair that adds to her overall charm, complemented by the warm allure of her brown eyes. Beyond her professional pursuits and familial ties, Mariah’s physical attributes contribute to her captivating persona, making her a notable presence both in her chosen field and the wider public eye.

Education & Career

Post-high school graduation, Mariah embarked on an educational journey marked by determination and ambition. Commencing her studies at Boston University, she later transitioned to Indiana University, culminating in the attainment of her bachelor’s degree in Recreation. This academic background laid the groundwork for a flourishing career in event management. Mariah’s professional trajectory commenced as a cheerleader for a local basketball team, where she showcased not only her enthusiasm but also her leadership skills in orchestrating cheers and performances. Evolving from this role, she ventured into event management, initially as a trainee, acquiring invaluable experience in the intricacies of the field. Presently, Mariah thrives as an accomplished event manager at Pacers Sports & Entertainment, underscoring her unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in her chosen profession.

Mariah Bird’s Personal Life

Mariah Bird maintains a notably low-profile lifestyle, with minimal publicly available information about her personal life. Her primary connection to fame stems from being the daughter of NBA celebrity Larry Bird. Surprisingly, details about Mariah’s marital status and her husband, if any, remain undisclosed, as she has chosen not to publicly share such aspects of her life. Larry Bird’s marriage to Dinah Mattingly took place in a private ceremony on October 31st, 1989, and despite their initial struggle to conceive, the couple was blessed with a joyous family through the adoption of Mariah and Conner. Larry’s previous marriage to Janet Condra resulted in one daughter, Corrie, born on August 14th, 1977. Mariah and her siblings were treated with love and care, experiencing a blissful childhood under the nurturing guidance of their parents. It’s worth noting that despite sharing a surname, Sue Bird, the WNBA great, is not related to Larry Bird, though she humorously refers to him as “uncle” in recognition of his basketball legacy.

Meet Larry Bird – Mariah Bird’s Father

Larry Bird, the esteemed father of Mariah, is a basketball luminary whose illustrious career commenced in 1974 during his college days. Making his mark in the NBA from 1978 onward, he achieved unparalleled success, securing three NBA championships and garnering MVP honors on three occasions. Even after he retired from active play, Bird remained dedicated to the sport, transitioning seamlessly into coaching roles, notably for the Boston Celtics, and later assuming an executive position with the Indiana Pacers. His enduring impact on basketball extends beyond the court, solidifying his status as a revered figure in the annals of the sport’s history. Mariah Bird’s lineage is thus not only marked by familial ties but also by the profound legacy of a basketball icon.

Mariah Bird’s Net worth

Accumulating wealth through her flourishing career in event management, Mariah Bird has built an estimated net worth of $950,000, a testament to her professional success. In contrast, her father, the renowned basketball legend Larry Bird, boasts an impressive net worth of $75 million, showcasing the family’s substantial financial achievements. Mariah resides in a residence valued at $2.35 million, reflective of the Bird family’s affluence and triumphs. As the adopted daughter of a basketball icon, Mariah has navigated her trajectory of success, marked by a robust educational foundation and a promising career in event management. The air of mystery surrounding her personal life adds intrigue to her narrative, emphasizing her determination and hard work in carving out an identity distinct from her iconic father. Mariah’s story stands as a compelling testament to the possibilities that arise through dedication and perseverance, even when cast in the shadow of a legendary figure.


In conclusion, Mariah Bird emerges as a noteworthy figure in her own right, transcending the shadow of her iconic father, Larry Bird. With a successful career in event management, marked by an estimated net worth of $950,000, Mariah showcases her prowess in the professional realm. The financial achievements of the Bird family, with Larry’s impressive net worth of $75 million and Mariah’s residence valued at $2.35 million, further underscore their prosperity. Mariah’s journey, fueled by a robust educational background and an air of mystery surrounding her personal life, serves as a testament to the power of determination and hard work. Her ability to forge her path highlights the resilience and individuality that can thrive even within the legacy of a basketball legend. As Mariah continues to navigate her unique trajectory, she stands as a compelling example of success achieved on one’s terms.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Mariah Bird?

Mariah Bird is the adopted daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird. She has gained recognition for her successful career in event management.

2. What is Mariah Bird’s educational background?

Mariah pursued her education with determination, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation from Indiana University.

3. Tell us about Mariah Bird’s career.

Mariah’s career began as a cheerleader during her high school years, and she later transitioned into event management. She currently excels as an event manager at Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

4. Is there any information about Mariah Bird’s personal life?

Mariah leads a relatively private life, and details about her personal life, including her marital status and relationships, are not publicly known.

5. Who are Mariah Bird’s siblings?

Mariah has two siblings, Connor Bird and Corrie Bird. While Mariah and Connor are adopted, Corrie is Larry Bird’s biological child from a previous relationship.

6. What is Larry Bird’s contribution to basketball?

Larry Bird is a basketball icon with a legendary career that began in 1974. He played in the NBA, winning three championships and earning MVP honors three times. After retiring as a player, he continued to contribute to the sport as a coach and executive.

7. What is Larry Bird’s net worth?

Larry Bird’s net worth is estimated to be $75 million, reflecting his successful basketball career.

8. How successful is Mariah Bird in her career?

Mariah Bird has achieved success in event management, accumulating an estimated net worth of $950,000.

9. Is there any connection between Sue Bird and Larry Bird?

No, despite sharing the same surname, Sue Bird, the WNBA great, is not related to Larry Bird. However, she humorously refers to him as “uncle” in recognition of his basketball legacy.

10. What is the significance of Larry Bird’s marriage to Dinah Mattingly?

Larry Bird married Dinah Mattingly on October 31st, 1989, and together they adopted Mariah and Connor after facing challenges in conceiving biological children.

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