Jean Christensen: Everything You Need to Know About Andre the Giant’s Wife

Jean Christensen, renowned as the spouse of the legendary Andre the Giant, wasn’t solely recognized for her former modeling career but also her prominent role as a WWE PR representative. Born in the United States, Jean initially crossed paths with Andre in 1974 while immersed in wrestling PR, eventually tying the knot with him in the United States. Their daughter, Robin Christensen, followed in her father’s colossal footsteps, pursuing a career in professional wrestling. Jean’s prominence soared due to her association with Andre, cementing her status as a notable figure within the wrestling community. This article aims to unveil some lesser-known facets of Jean Christensen’s personal life, shedding light on her journey alongside Andre the Giant.

Jean Christensen’s Early Life

Jean Christensen, born on August 15, 1949, in Minnesota, emerged from a lineage steeped in Danish heritage, her surname, Gantriis, reflecting values of knowledge, leadership, and fairness. In the vibrant atmosphere of the 1970s, she rose to prominence as a successful model, captivating audiences with her blend of elegance and inner strength. However, it was her foray into the world of wrestling that truly defined her trajectory. Transitioning into the realm of public relations within the wrestling industry, Jean found herself at the epicenter of a dynamic and fiercely competitive arena. Despite her preference for privacy regarding her personal life, her Danish roots and eclectic experiences provided a rich tapestry upon which her journey would unfold. Through twists of fate and the intricacies of destiny, Jean’s path converged with that of the legendary Andre The Giant, forging a bond that transcended the boundaries of fame and fortune. Their union would not only shape Jean’s legacy but also leave an indelible mark on the annals of wrestling history.

Jean Christensen’s Career

Jean Christensen had a multifaceted career that spanned various fields. She initially gained recognition as a successful model during the 1970s, when her grace and strength captivated audiences. Later, Jean transitioned into the wrestling world, working in public relations within the industry. Her role in wrestling PR allowed her to become intimately involved with the sport and its personalities, paving the way for her unique journey. While Jean kept details about her family life private, her career in modeling and wrestling PR laid the foundation for her eventual connection with the iconic wrestler Andre The Giant, which further elevated her prominence within the wrestling community.

Jean Christensen’s Physical Appearance

While specific details about Jean Christensen’s physical appearance may vary depending on sources and accounts, she was often described as an elegant and striking woman during her modeling career. As a successful model in the 1970s, she likely possessed features that were considered attractive and eye-catching at the time. However, detailed descriptions of her physical appearance beyond general characteristics such as grace and strength may not be readily available.

What is Jean Christensen’s Net Worth?

Jean Christensen is estimated to have had a net worth of approximately $100,000, while her former spouse, the late Andre the Giant, had accrued a net worth of around $5 million at the time of his passing in 1993. These figures, though commonly cited, should be regarded as rough estimations, subject to fluctuation and inaccuracy due to the intricacies involved in determining net worth, including assets, earnings, and other financial considerations. Nonetheless, they provide a glimpse into the financial standing of both individuals, highlighting Andre’s substantial wealth in contrast to Jean’s comparatively modest net worth.

Who is Andre The Giant?

Andre the Giant, born on May 19, 1946, was celebrated not only as a French professional wrestler and actor but also revered as “the Eighth Wonder of the World” for his unparalleled prowess in the ring. His union with Jean Christensen, a former model and wrestling PR expert, added a layer of intrigue to his storied life. Interestingly, their marital bond was never officially recorded in the United States. Together, they welcomed a daughter named Robin Christensen. Despite his towering stature of 7 feet 4 inches, a result of acromegaly—a condition characterized by excess growth hormones—Andre grappled with health challenges throughout his life. Tragically, on January 28, 1993, he succumbed to heart failure, leaving behind a legacy that transcended mere physical dimensions.

How did Jean and Andre Meet?

Jean Christensen and Andre The Giant’s initial encounter occurred in 1974, during her tenure in wrestling public relations. While their connection didn’t ignite immediately, their relationship blossomed over time, evolving into a remarkable love story. An intriguing aspect of their union was Jean’s stature, standing over 6 feet 4 inches tall, which added a unique dynamic to their bond, considering Andre’s towering presence in the wrestling world. Together, they navigated through challenges, yet their journey was marked by moments of profound love and mutual understanding, solidifying their enduring connection amidst the whirlwind of fame and adversity.

Andre The Giant’s Physical Appearance

Standing at an impressive height of 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm) and weighing approximately 520 lbs (236 kg), Andre The Giant was a colossal figure in both the wrestling ring and the world of entertainment. His striking physical presence was complemented by dark brown eyes that exuded intensity and depth, framed by long, curly brown hair that added to his distinctive appearance.

Meet Robin Christensen-Roussimoff (Jean Christensen’s Daughter)

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, born on October 17, 1979, emerged as the daughter of the legendary French wrestler and actor, Andre the Giant, and his spouse, Jean Christensen. Embracing her father’s formidable legacy, Robin embarked on a dual career path in wrestling and acting, echoing his remarkable talents. However, her journey was not without its hurdles, as doubts regarding her paternity led to legal proceedings and a subsequent confirmed blood test. Despite being born into the spotlight, Robin opted for a relatively private existence, preferring to limit her public appearances. Nevertheless, she remains an integral part of Andre the Giant’s enduring legacy within the wrestling community, adding her unique chapter to the illustrious narrative of her iconic father.


In conclusion, the intertwined stories of Jean Christensen, Andre the Giant, and their daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff encapsulate the complexities of fame, love, and legacy within the world of wrestling. From Jean’s journey as a former model turned wrestling PR representative to Andre’s towering presence in the ring and Robin’s pursuit of her path in the industry, their narratives intertwine to create a rich tapestry of triumphs, challenges, and enduring bonds. Despite the weight of their fame, each individual navigated their struggles with resilience and grace, leaving an indelible mark on the wrestling community and beyond. Their stories serve as a testament to the enduring power of passion, perseverance, and the enduring bonds of family within the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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