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Damian Gabrielle, known as the former spouse of the Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kurylenko, had a fleeting marriage with the renowned star. Despite the brevity of their union, Gabrielle has chosen to keep a low profile, sparking intrigue in his personal affairs. This article delves into Damian’s background, his notable ex-wife, the intricacies of their relationship, his professional endeavors, his estimated net worth, and more, shedding light on the enigmatic figure who once shared a brief but notable chapter with a prominent actress.

Damian Gabrielle’s Early Life

Demian Gabrielle Neufeld, born on February 2nd, 1976, in the United States, maintains a shroud of mystery around his early life, though indications suggest a privileged upbringing. His father’s involvement in business and his mother’s role as a homemaker likely provided a comfortable environment for him. After completing his education at a local high school, Damian pursued higher studies and obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University. Despite his academic accomplishments, he remains tight-lipped about his personal affairs, opting instead to focus on his career, domestic life, and cultivating close relationships with friends.

Damian Gabrielle’s Career

Damian Gabrielle has made his mark in the business world as a prominent figure in the mobile phone accessory industry, earning recognition as a tycoon in this sector. Despite his stature in the field, details about his professional endeavors beyond this realm remain scant in the media. Gabrielle’s career trajectory, aside from his success in the mobile phone accessory business, remains largely undisclosed, leaving much to speculation and curiosity among observers.

How Old is Damian Gabrielle?

Born on February 2nd, 1976, Demian Gabrielle, aged 48, is a citizen of the United States. Damian identifies with the Christian faith and aligns with the traits attributed to the zodiac sign Aquarius. Despite his American citizenship, Gabrielle’s personal beliefs and astrological inclination shed a glimpse into his multifaceted identity, offering subtle insights into his character beyond his nationality and age.

Damian Gabrielle’s Physical Appearance

Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 80 kilograms, Damian Gabrielle embodies a white ethnicity. With his notable features, including gray hair and light brown eyes, Gabrielle presents a distinctive appearance that sets him apart. These physical attributes add to the enigmatic persona surrounding him, contributing to the intrigue and curiosity surrounding his life and endeavors.

What is Damian Gabrielle’s Net Worth

As previously noted, Damian Gabrielle has carved out a prosperous career path as an entrepreneur, focusing on the lucrative market of mobile phone accessories. His financial standing reflects his success, with estimates placing his net worth between $4 million to $6 million as of 2024. In contrast, his former spouse, Olga Kurylenko, boasts a significantly higher net worth, estimated to be around $18 million. Despite the variance in their financial statuses, both Gabrielle and Kurylenko have found success in their respective fields, with their divergent fortunes adding an intriguing layer to their narratives.

Who is Olga Kurylenko?

Olga Kurylenko, the Ukrainian-French actress and former model, was born on November 14, 1979, in Berdyansk, Ukraine. Embarking on her career at a young age, she made the bold move to Paris at 16 to pursue modeling, eventually transitioning to acting in 2004. Her breakthrough role came with the action-thriller “Hitman,” catapulting her to international fame, followed by notable performances in “Quantum of Solace,” “Oblivion,” and “The November Man.” Despite her professional success, Kurylenko’s personal life has seen its share of changes, with marriages to Cedric Van Mol from 2000 to 2004 and Damian Gabrielle from 2006 to 2007. Through platforms like Instagram, she remains connected to her fan base, offering glimpses into both her personal life and illustrious career, engaging with followers and admirers alike.

Olga Kurylenko & Damian Gabrielle’s Marriage

In 2006, Damian and his former spouse Olga embarked on a journey of matrimony, exchanging vows in a close-knit wedding ceremony attended by their nearest and dearest. Like countless couples, they likely envisioned a future filled with enduring love and companionship. However, their marital bliss soon gave way to challenges, and their union encountered turbulence, ultimately culminating in a divorce in 2007. Despite their initial aspirations for a lifelong bond, their marriage endured only a brief year before unraveling, underscoring the complexities and uncertainties that can accompany even the most promising of relationships.

Olga Kurylenko & Damian Gabrielle’s Divorce

The dissolution of Damian and his ex-wife’s marriage stemmed from the realization that their relationship was marred by jealousy rather than genuine affection. In the aftermath of their divorce, Olga Kurylenko openly shared her sense of liberation from the constraints of marriage, revealing that she had recently parted ways with a romantic partner and was relishing her newfound independence. Expressing her disdain for possessive dynamics in relationships, Kurylenko emphasized her preference for solitude over toxic entanglements. This candid statement directly addresses the challenges she faced with Damian, shedding light on the underlying issues that ultimately led to the demise of their union.

Damian Gabrielle’s Current Relationship Status

Following his divorce from Olga, Damian deliberately retreated from the public eye, transforming into a reclusive and enigmatic figure. While speculations abound regarding a potential remarriage, Damian’s elusive nature and absence from social media platforms make it challenging to ascertain his current marital status. In contrast, Olga Kurylenko has navigated a more visible romantic landscape, engaging in a series of high-profile relationships following her separation from Damian. Although she remains unmarried at present, Kurylenko’s romantic endeavors have been subject to public scrutiny, highlighting the divergent paths taken by the former spouses in their post-divorce lives.


In conclusion, the story of Damian Gabrielle and Olga Kurylenko encapsulates the complexities of love, relationships, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Their brief yet tumultuous marriage, marked by challenges of jealousy and possessiveness, ultimately ended in divorce, leading them down separate paths. While Damian chose to retreat from the limelight, embracing a mysterious persona shrouded in privacy, Olga embraced a more public life, navigating high-profile relationships in the spotlight. Their contrasting journeys serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of love and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Damian Gabrielle known for? Damian Gabrielle gained recognition as an entrepreneur specializing in the mobile phone accessory industry.

2. When did Damian Gabrielle and Olga Kurylenko get married? Damian Gabrielle and Olga Kurylenko exchanged vows in 2006 in an intimate wedding ceremony.

3. Why did Damian and Olga get divorced? The divorce between Damian and Olga was attributed to their realization that their relationship was characterized by jealousy rather than genuine love.

4. What is Olga Kurylenko’s net worth? Olga Kurylenko’s estimated net worth is around $18 million as of 2024, reflecting her successful career as an actress and former model.

5. Is Damian Gabrielle currently married? Damian Gabrielle’s current marital status is not publicly confirmed, as he has chosen to maintain a low profile, making it difficult to ascertain his personal life details.

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