Meet Charo Washer: Everything to Know About Paul Washer’s Wife

Charo Washer is widely acknowledged as the spouse of Paul Washer, an American evangelist and preacher. Hailing from Peru, she was born to a Peruvian mother and a Spanish father, contributing to her diverse cultural background. Charo rose to prominence primarily through her marital union with Paul Washer. Her introduction to Christianity unfolded after tying the knot with Paul, and she has since become an integral part of his religious pursuits, most notably within the Heartcry Missionary Society. Her involvement in Paul’s ministry underscores her commitment to the evangelical cause, emphasizing their shared dedication to spreading Christian teachings and values. Through her journey, Charo Washer has not only embraced her role as a supportive partner but has also actively participated in the impactful work of the Heartcry Missionary Society.

Charo Washer’s Early Life

Charo Washer, also known as Rosario Charo Washer, was born in Lima, Peru, in the year 1963, making her 60 years old as of 2023. The exact date of her birth remains discreet, reflecting her preference for a more private life. Embracing a mixed heritage, Charo’s ethnic background is a fusion of her Peruvian mother and a father of Spanish descent. Despite her multicultural roots, detailed information regarding her early life, upbringing, and family background is not extensively available to the public. Charo proudly holds Peruvian nationality, stemming from her birth in Lima, while her association with the United States is attributed to her marriage to Paul Washer, an American evangelist. Charo Washer’s life story unfolds with a deliberate balance of privacy and her significant connection to both her native Peru and her husband’s homeland in the United States.

Charo Washer’s Career

Charo Washer’s professional trajectory, apart from her dedicated involvement in missionary activities and collaborative religious endeavors with her husband, Paul Washer, lacks comprehensive documentation in public sources. Her public persona predominantly centers around her position as the wife of Paul Washer, an American evangelist and preacher, and her active contributions to their shared religious initiatives. Specific information regarding any distinct professional career or pursuits undertaken independently of her husband’s religious work remains discreet and relatively undisclosed. While her impactful role within their joint mission is evident, the finer details of Charo Washer’s professional endeavors beyond this sphere remain enigmatic, underscoring her focus on the collaborative aspects of their shared religious journey.

Charo Washer’s Education

Details regarding Charo Washer’s educational background, notably her formal schooling and academic pursuits, are not extensively cataloged or readily accessible in publicly available sources. Her intentional emphasis on maintaining a more private life has resulted in a scarcity of information concerning her educational journey beyond her marriage and active involvement in religious activities alongside her husband, Paul Washer. As of the latest available data, precise specifics about her schooling, potential university education, or any specialized training she may have undertaken to remain undisclosed. Charo Washer’s commitment to privacy extends to her educational history, leaving a gap in the public understanding of the formal aspects of her learning and training.

Charo Washer’s Social Accounts

Charo Washer consciously abstains from maintaining public or personal social media accounts, and there are no verified profiles linked to her on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks. Various interviews and sources have consistently indicated her choice to refrain from engaging in or utilizing social media platforms for personal interactions or communication. This decision, rooted in personal preferences or privacy considerations, sets her apart from the online sphere despite her husband Paul Washer’s active presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he regularly shares updates about his work, family life, and ministry. Charo Washer’s deliberate absence from public social media accounts underscores her commitment to a more private lifestyle and aligns with her desire to maintain a level of privacy in the digital realm.

Charo Washer’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Charo Washer is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million, while her husband, Paul Washer, is reported to have an estimated net worth of about $4 million. These financial assessments reflect the culmination of their respective careers, with Paul Washer’s role as an American evangelist and preacher likely contributing significantly to their combined wealth. It’s important to note that financial estimations can be subject to fluctuations and may not account for various aspects of their financial portfolio. The financial information underscores their financial success within the context of their religious and ministry-related endeavors, providing a glimpse into their economic standing as of late 2024.

Charo Washer’s Relationship

Charo Washer is married to Paul David Washer, a prominent figure in evangelical Christianity renowned for his preaching and missionary efforts. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1993, marking the beginning of a union that has endured for over three decades. Paul Washer, associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and Charo, have built their relationship on a profound commitment to their faith and shared ministry work. Residing in Radford, Virginia, the couple has nurtured a loving home environment for their four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn. Throughout their marriage, Charo and Paul have exemplified a joint dedication to their Christian beliefs, with their partnership marked by a harmonious blend of personal and ministry commitments in the service of their shared faith.

Meet Paul Washer (Husband)

Paul David Washer, born in 1961, stands as a prominent American Protestant Christian evangelist celebrated for his impassioned preaching and devoted missionary endeavors. Aligned with Calvinist theology, Washer is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, having embraced his faith during his tenure at the University of Texas. Following his graduation, he dedicated a decade to missionary work in Peru. In 2004, Washer founded the HeartCry Missionary Society, an organization committed to supporting indigenous missionary efforts globally. Revered for his fervent sermons, Washer emphasizes the imperative of genuine repentance, adherence to biblical truths, and the cultivation of a profound relationship with God. His teachings challenge individuals to reassess their faith and commitment to Christianity, disseminated through various mediums like books, videos, and sermons, delving into themes such as salvation, the Gospel, and the Christian faith. In 2017, Washer confronted a non-fatal heart attack, and by late 2023, he underwent heart bypass surgery. Despite these health challenges, Washer remains a stalwart influence in the evangelical community, consistently delivering messages that both challenge and inspire his audience.

Paul and Charo Washer’s Children

Paul and Charo Washer are proud parents to a family of four children, comprising two sons and two daughters. Their eldest son, Ian Washer, was born in 2001, followed by Evan Washer in 2004. The family expanded with the arrival of two daughters: Rowan Washer in 2007 and Bronwyn Washer in 2016. Balancing their roles as devoted parents, the Washers have seamlessly integrated family life with their active engagement in ministry and missionary work through the HeartCry Missionary Society. This dynamic family not only reflects the Washers’ commitment to their faith but also underscores their dedication to fostering a loving and supportive environment for their four children amid their impactful contributions to the evangelical community.


In conclusion, the life and journey of Charo Washer, alongside her husband Paul Washer, exemplify a harmonious integration of faith, family, and ministry. Their enduring marriage, forged in a private ceremony in 1993, has spanned over three decades, marked by a deep commitment to their Christian beliefs and missionary endeavors. Charo and Paul, residing in Radford, Virginia, have created a nurturing home for their four children—Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn. Charo’s private nature is evident in her limited public presence, particularly in the absence of social media engagement. Nevertheless, her partnership with Paul reflects a seamless blending of personal and ministry commitments, underscoring their shared devotion to evangelical Christianity. The Washers’ story serves as an inspiring testament to the intersection of family life and religious convictions, shaping a legacy rooted in love, faith, and service.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is Charo Washer? Charo Washer is the wife of Paul David Washer, a prominent American evangelist and preacher known for his missionary work and passionate sermons.

2. When did Charo and Paul Washer get married? Charo and Paul Washer were married in a private ceremony in 1993.

3. How many children do Charo and Paul Washer have? Charo and Paul have four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn.

4. What is Paul Washer known for in evangelical Christianity? Paul Washer is known for his fervent preaching and missionary work. He is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is the founder of the HeartCry Missionary Society.

5. Where do Charo and Paul Washer reside? As of the latest available information, Charo and Paul Washer reside in Radford, Virginia.

6. Is Charo Washer active on social media? No, Charo Washer does not maintain public or personal social media accounts. She has chosen to refrain from engaging in social media for personal interactions or communication.

7. What is the HeartCry Missionary Society? The HeartCry Missionary Society is an organization founded by Paul Washer in 2004. It supports indigenous missionary work around the world.

8. How long has Charo and Paul Washer been together? Charo and Paul Washer have been together for over three decades, having celebrated their wedding in 1993.

9. What are some themes in Paul Washer’s teachings? Paul Washer’s teachings often emphasize the need for true repentance, adherence to biblical truths, and the cultivation of a deep, genuine relationship with God. He challenges individuals to reevaluate their faith and commitment to Christianity.

10. Has Paul Washer faced any health challenges? Yes, in 2017, Paul Washer experienced a non-fatal heart attack, and in late 2023, he underwent heart bypass surgery. Despite these health challenges, he remains influential in the evangelical community, delivering messages that inspire and challenge his audience.

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