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Bruce Tyson gained recognition as the former spouse of the celebrated American actress Shelley Long. Their marital journey commenced in 1981 and endured for more than two decades until their parting ways in 2004. Throughout their union, they were blessed with a daughter. This article delves into Bruce’s early life, his ties with his illustrious former partner, the trajectory of their marriage, his professional endeavors, his financial standing, and additional facets of his life.

Bruce Tyson’s Early Life

Bruce Tyson, born on January 4th in the United States, hails from a well-established background, although scant details are available about his parents or siblings. Growing up in his hometown, he experienced a nurturing environment with his family. He was given the birth name Bruce Living Tyson. For his education, he attended Wesleyan University, where he likely laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Bruce Tyson’s Career

Currently, Bruce assumes the position of partner and investment counselor at Morton Wealth, a reputable firm recognized by Barron Magazine as one of the top 100 Independent advisors. Bruce joined Morton in September 2015, demonstrating his commitment and dedication to the team. Before this role, he dedicated thirty years of his career to Weston Capital Management, Inc., where he held pivotal roles, serving as Portfolio Manager from 1985 to 1997 and later as President from 1997 to 2015. Bruce’s professional trajectory exemplifies his profound expertise and extensive experience within the financial sector, making him a valuable asset to Morton Wealth and the clients it serves.

How Old is Bruce Tyson?

Bruce, born on January 4th, is presently 71 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Hailing from the United States, he proudly holds American citizenship and identifies with Caucasian ethnicity. This combination of factors contributes to his unique background and perspective.

Bruce Tyson’s Social Accounts

Bruce maintains an Instagram presence under the handle @bltxmayo, where he shares glimpses of his life with his 130 followers. His Instagram feed predominantly showcases heartwarming moments with his granddaughter and highlights from his travel adventures, offering a personal insight into his interests and experiences. Additionally, Bruce extends his social media presence to Facebook, broadening his reach and engagement across multiple platforms.

What is Bruce Tyson’s Net Worth?

Bruce Tyson is a highly respected American financial advisor, renowned for his expertise in the field of finance. Since 2015, he has served as a key member of Morton Capital Management, where his contributions have been instrumental in the firm’s success. Throughout his career, Bruce has amassed a considerable net worth, estimated to be around $2 million, a testament to his financial acumen and strategic investments. His dedication to his profession and commitment to providing sound financial advice have solidified his reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Bruce Tyson’s Relationship Status

Bruce Tyson’s romantic involvement with actress Shelley Long commenced in 1979, culminating in their joyous matrimony in 1981, celebrated intimately among close family and friends. Throughout their union, which spanned over a decade, the couple radiated happiness, frequently appearing together at various public events. However, in 2003, the unexpected news of their separation surfaced, leaving many surprised. Regrettably, their marriage reached its conclusion in divorce on November 14, 2004, after 23 years, citing irreconcilable differences. Bruce Tyson marked the second unsuccessful marriage for Shelley Long, who previously divorced Ken Solomon.

Who is Shelley Long?

Shelley Long, Bruce’s former spouse, was born on August 23, 1949, marking the beginning of her journey in the entertainment industry, initially as a model. Her career trajectory skyrocketed when she garnered acclaim, securing three Regional Emmy Awards for her hosting duties on the local program Sorting It Out. Transitioning seamlessly to both television and film, Shelley became a prominent fixture in Hollywood, boasting an impressive career spanning nearly five decades, with a noteworthy 87 acting credits listed on IMDb. Notably, she graced the small screen in the immensely popular sitcom Modern Family, sharing the spotlight with an exceptional cast, including Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, and Ed O’Neill.

Where is Bruce Tyson Now?

Bruce Tyson has made Pacific Palisades, California, his current place of residence, where he embraces a solitary yet fulfilling retired life. Frequently, he devotes his time to nurturing relationships with his daughter and grandchild, cherishing these familial bonds. Despite retirement, Bruce remains actively engaged in various professional pursuits, indicating a continued zest for life and a desire to contribute meaningfully to endeavors beyond his sphere.


In conclusion, Bruce Tyson’s journey has been marked by significant personal and professional milestones, from his enduring marriage to actress Shelley Long to his successful career in the financial sector. Despite life’s ups and downs, Bruce has remained resilient, adapting to change and finding fulfillment in his family life and ongoing professional pursuits. As he continues to navigate the chapters of his life, Bruce’s legacy serves as a testament to the importance of resilience, perseverance, and the enduring value of meaningful relationships.


How long was Bruce Tyson married to actress Shelley Long?

Bruce Tyson was married to actress Shelley Long for 23 years, from 1981 to their divorce in 2004.

What is Bruce Tyson’s current occupation and professional background?

Bruce Tyson is currently a partner and investment counselor at Morton Wealth. Before this, he spent three decades at Weston Capital Management, Inc., holding key positions such as Portfolio Manager and President.

Where does Bruce Tyson currently reside?

Bruce Tyson currently resides in Pacific Palisades, California.

How many children does Bruce Tyson have?

Bruce Tyson has a daughter from his marriage with Shelley Long.

Can you provide insights into Bruce Tyson’s financial expertise and net worth?

Bruce Tyson has a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial sector, contributing to a net worth estimated at $2 million.

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