América Guinart: Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth All You Need to Know

América Guinart rose to prominence as the former spouse of the acclaimed Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández. The couple’s union spanned six years and resulted in the birth of three children, including twin daughters named América and Camila, significantly contributing to her widespread recognition. Beyond her connection with Fernández, América Guinart’s personal life has become a subject of public fascination, particularly her subsequent marriage to Álvaro Favier, which has garnered attention from both the media and the public. Her journey, marked by matrimony and motherhood, has undeniably left an indelible mark on her public image.

América Guinart’s Early Life

Born on December 22, 1970, in Mexico, América Guinart, now 53 years old as of 2024, embodies the traits of her zodiac sign, Capricorn, renowned for its determination, practicality, and strong sense of responsibility. Her mixed ethnic background contributes to her diverse identity, though her Mexican nationality remains central to her cultural heritage. While details regarding her early life, including family dynamics, remain undisclosed, Guinart rose to fame as the former spouse of Mexican crooner Alejandro Fernández, with whom she shared a relationship since their teenage years, culminating in a six-year marriage. Despite the public intrigue surrounding her personal affairs, América Guinart has opted to maintain a relatively low-key presence in the media spotlight, preserving a semblance of privacy amidst her notable connections and life experiences.

América Guinart’s Career

Renowned as the former spouse of Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández, América Guinart also boasts a flourishing career as a professional architect and planner. While her association with Fernández has garnered considerable attention, Guinart has carved out her path of success in the realm of architecture and planning. Her professional journey is distinguished by a series of achievements and leadership roles, serving as a testament to her unwavering determination and dedication to excel in her chosen field. Despite the spotlight cast upon her due to her high-profile relationship, Guinart’s focus on her career highlights her independence and resilience in navigating both personal and professional realms.

América Guinart’s Social Accounts

América Guinart maintains an active presence on Instagram under the handle @meraguin, where she regularly shares updates, including snippets and photographs. With an audience of approximately 88,000 followers, she actively engages with her online community, providing insights into her personal life and familial connections. Through her posts, Guinart offers glimpses into her world, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection with her followers while simultaneously maintaining a degree of privacy. Her Instagram presence serves as a platform for both personal expression and interaction with her audience, reflecting her desire to connect with others beyond her notable associations and professional endeavors.

América Guinart’s Education

Publicly available information regarding América Guinart’s educational background remains elusive, with the spotlight primarily centered on her association with Alejandro Fernández, her former marriage, and her role as a mother to three children. Despite her notable presence in the public eye, details regarding her academic endeavors or professional qualifications remain undisclosed. The emphasis on her personal life often overshadows any insights into her educational achievements, leaving her scholastic journey largely unexplored in public sources. As such, while her contributions to her family and public persona are well-documented, her educational pursuits remain a mystery to the public eye.

What is América Guinart’s Net Worth?

América Guinart has amassed an estimated net worth ranging between 4 to 6 million USD, predominantly stemming from her prosperous career as an architect. This substantial figure underscores her notable achievements within the field of architecture, indicating her financial success and professional acumen. Despite her divorce from Alejandro Fernández, a renowned Mexican singer whose net worth is approximated at $25 million as of 2024, América has demonstrated remarkable financial independence. Her ability to thrive independently post-divorce speaks to her resilience and capability to manage her financial affairs separately from her high-profile former spouse.

América Guinart & Alejandro Fernández’s Relationship

América Guinart and Alejandro Fernández’s romantic journey traces back to their adolescence, intertwining through familial connections forged in the 1990s. Their paths crossed as young teenagers, united by the close bond shared between their respective parents. Beginning their courtship at the tender age of 15, the couple embarked on a journey of love that culminated in marriage in 1992. Their early union bore the fruit of their firstborn, Alejandro Fernández Jr., signaling the start of their family. Despite the initial blossoming of their affection, their marital journey encountered hurdles, leading to their eventual separation and subsequent divorce in 1998, marking the end of their six-year-long union. Throughout their time together, América and Alejandro welcomed three children into the world, including twin daughters América and Camila, alongside their son Alejandro Jr. While their relationship faced trials that ultimately led to its dissolution, the couple shared a significant chapter of their lives intertwined with love, family, and shared history.

América Guinart Current Relationship Status

América Guinart found love anew with Álvaro Favier, a prominent Mexican entrepreneur, embarking on their romantic journey a little over a decade ago. Following years of companionship and building a strong foundation, the couple decided to solidify their commitment by exchanging vows. Their union was celebrated in a picturesque wedding ceremony held on the stunning coast of Jalisco. Described as a spectacular affair, the event not only symbolized the blossoming love between Guinart and Favier but also marked a poignant milestone in Guinart’s journey, signifying a new chapter of happiness and fulfillment alongside her devoted partner.


In conclusion, América Guinart’s life journey exemplifies a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, relationships, and personal growth. From her early romance and marriage to Alejandro Fernández, a renowned Mexican singer, to her subsequent ventures into architecture and planning, Guinart has navigated both triumphs and challenges with grace and resilience. While her public persona may be most closely associated with her past marriage and familial ties, Guinart’s accomplishments and her journey toward personal happiness and fulfillment alongside her current partner, Álvaro Favier, stand as a testament to her strength, independence, and unwavering spirit. Through it all, Guinart’s story serves as a reminder of the complexities and richness of human life, marked by love, loss, resilience, and ultimately, the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who is América Guinart? América Guinart is a public figure known for her past marriage to Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández and her subsequent career as an architect and planner.

2. When was América Guinart born? América Guinart was born on December 22, 1970, in Mexico.

3. How old is América Guinart? As of [current year], América Guinart is [current age] years old.

4. How did América Guinart meet Alejandro Fernández? América Guinart and Alejandro Fernández met during their teenage years through the close friendship of their parents.

5. How many children does América Guinart have with Alejandro Fernández? América Guinart and Alejandro Fernández have three children together: twin daughters América and Camila, and a son named Alejandro Jr.

6. Who is América Guinart’s current partner? América Guinart’s current partner is Álvaro Favier, a Mexican businessman.

7. When did América Guinart and Álvaro Favier get married? América Guinart and Álvaro Favier got married a little over 10 years ago in a beautiful ceremony on the coast of Jalisco, Mexico.

8. What is América Guinart’s profession? América Guinart is a professional architect and planner, showcasing her talents and expertise in the field of architecture.

9. Does América Guinart have a presence on social media? Yes, América Guinart is active on Instagram with the handle @meraguin, where she shares updates and engages with her audience.

10. What is América Guinart’s estimated net worth? América Guinart’s net worth is estimated to be around 4-6 million USD, primarily earned through her successful career as an architect.


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