Altonio Jackson: Biography, Career, Relationship, Net Worth All You Need to Know

Altonio Jackson is a multifaceted American figure celebrated for his diverse talents as an actor, rapper, tattoo artist, model, and entrepreneur. Renowned for his compelling portrayals in movies like “Oldboy” (2013) and “Body Cam” (2020), Jackson has garnered significant acclaim throughout his career. Engaging with his audience on Instagram under the handle @aceb47, he offers glimpses into his dynamic life, showcasing his prowess not only as a rapper but also as a skilled tattoo artist. Through his varied endeavors, Jackson has captivated a broad audience, solidifying his status as a versatile and influential presence in the entertainment industry.

Altonio Jackson’s Early Life

Born in the United States in 1991, Altonio Jackson, now approximately 32 years old as of 2024, boasts a mixed ethnicity and proudly identifies as American. Hailing from the tough Calliope Projects of New Orleans, he humorously dubbed himself an “original gangster” (OG) in his youth, showcasing his resilient spirit in the face of adversity. These formative years shaped Jackson’s multifaceted career, which spans acting, rapping, tattoo artistry, modeling, and entrepreneurship. His journey reflects not only his diverse talents but also his ability to find humor and strength in challenging circumstances, contributing to his unique and captivating persona in the entertainment world.

Altonio Jackson’s Career

Altonio Jackson is a versatile talent renowned for his multifaceted career as an actor, rapper, tattoo artist, and entrepreneur. His portfolio boasts notable appearances in projects like “Oldboy” (2013), “Body Cam” (2020), and “When Day Gets Dark” (2019), demonstrating his adaptability within the entertainment industry. Not confined to acting, Jackson has expanded his influence across various domains, including music and visual arts. His participation in the tattoo series “Black Ink Crew New York” introduced him to a broader audience, further solidifying his presence in the creative sphere. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Jackson is actively engaged in entrepreneurship and songwriting, showcasing a diverse skill set that underscores his status as a dynamic and influential figure in the entertainment landscape.

Altonio Jackson’s Relationship

According to available information, Altonio Jackson’s relationship status appears to be unconfirmed, with no reports indicating any current romantic involvement. Jackson, known for his discretion regarding personal matters, has chosen to maintain privacy regarding his relationships, leading to speculation about his dating status. While it is known that Jackson has two daughters from a previous relationship, details about his current romantic partnerships or marital status remain undisclosed. As such, he is perceived to be possibly single, leaving his relationship status open to interpretation.

Altonio Jackson’s Social Accounts

Altonio Jackson maintains an active presence on social media platforms, offering fans and followers insights into both his professional and personal spheres. Particularly prominent on Instagram, where he can be found under the handle @aceb47, Jackson shares a diverse array of content. His official account features an eclectic mix of posts, ranging from snapshots and videos highlighting his ventures in the entertainment industry to glimpses of his creative projects and occasional peeks into his family life. Through this platform, Jackson engages with his audience, providing a window into his multifaceted world and fostering a connection with his followers.

What is Altonio Jackson’s Net Worth?

Altonio Jackson is a versatile figure with a range of talents spanning acting, rapping, tattoo artistry, and entrepreneurship. As of 2024, his diverse career pursuits have contributed to an estimated net worth of approximately $400,000. Jackson’s involvement in multiple fields reflects his ability to excel across various domains within the entertainment industry and beyond. His entrepreneurial ventures, alongside his creative endeavors, have played a significant role in shaping his financial standing, solidifying his status as a multifaceted and successful individual.

Altonio Jackson’s Education

As per the available information, Altonio Jackson’s educational background remains somewhat elusive, with details about his schooling and academic achievements not readily accessible. Sources primarily emphasize his notable career in the entertainment industry, spotlighting his versatile roles as an actor, rapper, tattoo artist, and entrepreneur. Despite the wealth of information surrounding his professional endeavors, specifics regarding the educational institutions he attended or any academic accolades he may have garnered are notably absent from the provided sources. This lack of information underscores the focus on Jackson’s prolific career achievements rather than his educational journey.

Altonio Jackson’s Parents

Altonio Jackson’s family background reveals that he was born and raised in New Orleans by both of his parents, within the challenging environment of the Calliope Projects. While details about his father’s name remain undisclosed in public sources, his mother is identified as Monique James. Jackson’s ethnic heritage is a blend of Asian descent from his father and African-American roots from his mother, Monique James. Despite the adversities of their surroundings, Monique played a pivotal role in nurturing her children, although she tragically experienced the loss of one of her sons. Despite the hardships, Jackson has been able to leverage his career opportunities to provide crucial financial support to his family, underscoring the importance of familial bonds in his life journey.


Altonio Jackson’s life journey is a testament to resilience, talent, and the enduring power of familial bonds. Growing up in the challenging neighborhoods of the Calliope Projects in New Orleans, Jackson faced adversity from an early age. However, supported by his devoted mother, Monique James, he navigated these difficulties and found his path to success. Despite the tragic loss experienced by his family, Jackson has risen to prominence in the entertainment industry, showcasing his versatility as an actor, rapper, tattoo artist, and entrepreneur. While details about his educational background remain elusive, Jackson’s commitment to his craft and his ability to provide for his family highlights the values instilled in him by his upbringing. Through it all, Jackson’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the importance of perseverance, family, and seizing opportunities to overcome challenges and achieve one’s dreams.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Altonio Jackson known for? Altonio Jackson is known for his diverse talents in the entertainment industry. He has gained recognition as an actor, rapper, tattoo artist, and entrepreneur.

What are some notable projects Altonio Jackson has been involved in? Jackson has appeared in several notable projects, including films such as “Oldboy” (2013), “Body Cam” (2020), and “When Day Gets Dark” (2019). He has also made contributions to television and is recognized for his role in the tattoo series “Black Ink Crew New York.”

What is Altonio Jackson’s net worth? As of the available information, Altonio Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 as of 2024.

Where can I find Altonio Jackson on social media? Altonio Jackson is active on Instagram, where his official account is @aceb47. He shares insights into his professional and personal life through photos and videos on this platform.

What is known about Altonio Jackson’s family background? Altonio Jackson was born and raised in New Orleans by both of his parents. While his father’s name is unavailable in public sources, his mother is identified as Monique James. Jackson’s ethnic background includes Asian descent from his father and African-American heritage from his mother.

What is Altonio Jackson’s educational background? Details about Altonio Jackson’s educational background are not extensively disclosed in public sources. While he has not shared specifics about the schools he attended or any academic achievements, he is known for his achievements and pursuits within the entertainment industry.

Is Altonio Jackson currently in a relationship? As of the available information, Altonio Jackson’s relationship status is not confirmed. While he has two daughters from a previous relationship, details about his current romantic involvement or marital status are not explicitly provided in public sources.


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